Accuse, (verb), tthem.

Examples (verb):

Are you accusing her? - Ṛa-k tetthem fi-ha?

Farid accused Karima of drinking like a fish. - Farid tthem Karima belli tecṛeb bezzaf.

Farid has been accused of killing Karima. - Farid ttehmu-h belli qtel Karima.

She was accused of lying. - Ttehmu-ha b-l-kdeb.

The police accused him. - L-pulisiyya ttehmu-h.

The Treasurer is being accused of robbing Peter to pay Paul to fund his austere budget. - L-xeznaǧi ttehmu-h belli bekka ṛ-ṛaɛi bac icebbeɛ d-dib u bac beṛk izeyyeṛ l-biǧǧi.

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