Agree, 1- (accept), qbel.

2- (to have the same opinion), ṛa-hu mwafeq (kac waḥed), wafeq.


Farid agreed to meet with Karima. - Qbel Farid yetlaqa mɛa Karima.

I agreed to do so. - Qbelt ndir had c-ci.

I cannot agree to his proposal. - Ma neqder-c neqbel l-qtiraṭ taɛ-u.

My sponsor was willing to agree to my suggestion. - S-spunṣur taɛ-i kan ṛayeḥ yeqbel l-qtiraḥ taɛ-i.

Examples (to have the same opinion):

I agree that it's won't be hard to do that. - Ṛa-ni mwafeq belli had c-ci ma ikun-c waɛer.

I agree with Farid and Karima. - Ṛa-ni mwafeq Farid u Karima.

I agree with you completely. - Ṛa-ni mwafeq-k mya f l-mya.

That is why all the students in the class agreed with him. - Ɛla ǧal had c-ci lli wafqu-h gaɛ ṭ-ṭelba taɛ l-klaṣa.

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