1-Aid, (noun), a- mɛawna (mɛawnat).

b- To come to sb's aid, ǧa iɛawen (kac waḥed), ɛawen.

c- To rush to one's aid, ǧra bac iɛawen (kac waḥed).

d- Without the aid of (sth), bla.

First aid, l-isɛafat l-ewwla.

First aid kit, bwaṭa taɛ l-isɛaf.

2-Aid, (verb), ɛawen.


Health workers aid people in need. - Neḥtaǧu xeddamin taɛ l-mɛawna ṣ-ṣeḥḥiyya.

If it had not been for your aid, I would not have succeeded in my business. - Lukan maci l-mɛawna taɛ-k, lukan ma rebḥet-c t-tiǧaṛa taɛ-i.

Limited financial aid is available. - Metweffṛa mɛawna maliyya meḥduda.

Perhaps you will seek his aid. - Balak ṛa-k ṛayeḥ teṭleb men-u mɛawna.

She needed financial aid. - Kanet meḥtaǧa mɛawna b-d-dṛahem.

The House cut the budget for foreign aid. - L-beṛlaman neqqes l-biǧǧi taɛ l-mɛawna l-beṛṛaniyya.

They rushed to his aid. - Ǧraw bac iɛawnu-h.

Examples (first aid kit):

Can you give him first aid? - Teqqedru teɛṭiw-lu l-isɛafat l-ewwla?

Farid is looking for the first aid kit. - Farid ṛa-hu iḥewwes ɛel l-bwaṭa taɛ l-isɛaf.

Examples (to come to sb's aid):

Farid was beaten up when he came to the aid of one of his friends who was being bullied. - Farid ṭaḥu ɛli-h b-ḍ-ḍerb ki ṛaḥ iɛawen waḥed ṣaḥeb-u ḥegṛu-h.

I expect him to come to our aid. - Ṛa-ni nestenna-h iɛawen-na.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. - Ǧa l-weqt bac gaɛ ṛ-ṛǧal l-mlaḥ iɛawnu blad-hum.

Examples (verb):

I was aided by a dear friend. - Ɛawen-ni waḥed ṣaḥeb-i ɛziz.

Karima aided her mother in cooking. - Karima ɛawnet yemma-ha f ṭ-ṭyab.

This new medicine may aid your recovery. - Had d-dwa j-jdid yeqder iɛawen-k bac tebṛa.

Examples (without the aid of):

Tycho Brahe was the last major astronomer to work without the aid of a telescope. - Tycho Brahe huwa l-falaki l-kbir l-exxrani lli xdem bla tiliskup.

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