Airplane, (noun), ṭeyyara (ṭeyyarat).

Airplane ticket, tiki taɛ ṭ-ṭeyyara.


An airplane had flown over the mountain. - Ṭaret waḥed ṭ-ṭeyyara fuq l-ǧbel.

Are airplane tickets expensive? - T-tikiyat taɛ ṭ-ṭeyyara ɣalyin?

It's illegal to shine a laser pointer at an airplane. - Memnuɛ tceɛɛel pwantur taɛ l-laziṛ ɛla ṭeyyara.

My father can fly an airplane. - Baba yeqder iṣug ṭeyyara.

The airplane ascended into the clouds. - Ṭelɛet hadik ṭ-ṭeyyara ḥetta n leḥqet l-s-sḥab.

The airplane landed on my father's farm. - Ḥebṭet hadik ṭ-ṭeyyara f l-firma taɛ baba.

The airplane made a safe landing. - Hadik ṭ-ṭeyyara ḥebṭet b-aman.

The airplane was redirected to Oran, because of the fog. - Hadik ṭ-ṭeyyara beddlu-lha l-weǧha l-Wehṛan ɛla ǧal l-ḍ-ḍbab.

To overcome drag, airplanes use a propulsion system to generate a force called thrust. - Bac tetɣelleb ṭ-ṭeyyara ɛel l-muqawma taɛ l-hwa, ɛend-ha niḍam taɛ ndifaɛ lli yexleq qewwa wesm-ha d-defɛ.

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