Attention, (noun), welha.

To pay attention, (to focus), ṛedd bal-u, kan mṛekkez.

To pay attention, (to a person), dar ɛla (kac waḥed).

To pay attention, (to give importance), qeyyem, medd qima l-(kac ḥaǧa).

Examples (to pay attention; to focus):

Do Farid and Karima always pay attention in class? - Farid u Karima iṛeddu bal-hum f l-klasa?

Farid barely pays any attention to Karima. - Farid qrib ma iṛedd-c gaɛ bal-u l-Karima.

Farid does not pay attention in class. - Farid ma iṛekkez-c f l-klasa.

Farid doesn't pay attention to details. - Farid ma iṛedd-c bal-u l-t-tafaṣil.

Farid doesn't seem to be paying attention. - Farid ma ṛa-hu-c iban ṛedd bal-u.

Farid doesn't understand because he wasn't paying attention. - Farid ma fhem-c xaṭer ma kan-c mṛekkez.

Farid seems to be barely paying attention. - Farid iban qrib ma ṛa-hu gaɛ mṛekkez.

Farid seemed to be paying more attention in class today than he usually does. - Farid ban kan mṛekkez l-yum f l-klasa kteṛ melli mḍari.

Farid soon realized that no one was paying any attention to him. - Farid temtem ɛṛef belli waḥed ma ṛa-hu mṛekkez mɛa-h.

Farid's teacher told him to pay more attention to his punctuation. - C-cixa taɛ Farid qalet-lu iṛedd bal-u kteṛ l-t-tenqiṭ.

Farid wasn't really paying attention to Karima. - Farid ma kan-c ṛadd bal-u l-Karima.

Haven't you been paying attention? - Ma kunt-c mṛekkez?

Haven't you been paying attention? - Kunt mṛekkez?

He's not paying attention to the teacher. - Ma ṛa-hu-c mṛekkez mɛa c-cixa.

I hope you'll pay more attention next time. - Netmenna tṛedd bal-k kteṛ l-xeṭra l-ǧaya.

In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the present state of affairs. - Fi ṛay-i, lazem nṛekkzu kteṛ ɛel l-ḥala kima ṛa-hi duṛk.

Pay attention, because there will be difficulties. - Ṛekkez xaṭer ṛa-hum ṛayḥin ikunu ṣuɛubat.

Pay attention to everything Farid says. - Ṛedd bal-k l-kul ḥaǧa iqul-ha Farid.

Pay attention to Farid. - Ṛedd bal-k l-Farid.

Pay attention to us. - Ṛekkez mɛa-na.

Pay attention to what you're saying. - Ṛedd bal-k l-wac ṛa-k tqul.

Shut up and pay attention. - Sket u ṛedd bal-k.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to what you're doing. - Hada wac yeṣra ki ma tṛedd-c bal-k l-wac ṛa-k tdir.

We should be paying attention. - Lazem nṛeddu bal-na.

We should pay more attention to environmental problems. - Lazem nṛeddu bal-na kteṛ l-l-macakel taɛ l-bi'a.

You must pay attention to what your teacher says. - Lazem tṛedd bal-k l-wac iqul c-cix taɛ-k.

You should pay attention. - Lazem tṛedd bal-k.

You should pay more attention to your own safety. - Lazem tṛedd bal-k kteṛ l-s-salama taɛ-k.

Examples (to pay attenton to a person):

Don't pay any attention to him. - Ma tdir-c gaɛ ɛli-h.

Don't pay any attention to the boss. - Ma tdir-c gaɛ ɛel l-mɛellem.

Examples (to give importance to sth):

Farid didn't pay any attention to my warning. - Farid ma qeyyem-c gaɛ t-teḥdir taɛ-i.

He pays no attention to others' feelings. - Huwa ma iqeyyem-c wac iḥessu l-uxrin.

No one pays attention to anything Farid says anymore. - Waḥed ma ɛad iqeyyem wac iqul Farid.

She doesn't pay much attention to how she dresses. - Hiya ma tmedd-c bezzaf l-qima l-l-lebsa lli telbes-ha.

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