Beer, (noun), birra (birrat).


Don't drink beer before going to bed! - Ma tecṛeb-c l-birra qbel ma tṛuḥ terqed!

Don't drink so much beer. - Ma tecṛeb-c bezzaf l-birra.

Farid doesn't drink beer very often. - Farid ma yecṛeb-c bezzaf l-birra.

Farid doesn't drink much beer, but he sure drinks a lot of wine. - Farid ma yecṛeb-c bezzaf l-birra, beṣṣeḥ makan-c cekk yecṛeb bezzaf c-cṛab.

Farid drinks lots of beer. - Farid yecṛeb bezzaf l-birra.

Farid is a little unusual in that he doesn't drink tea, coffee or beer. - Farid cwiyya ɣarib ki ma yecṛeb la l-latay, la l-qehwa wala l-birra.

Farid never drinks beer at home. - Farid jami yecṛeb l-birra f d-daṛ.

Farid says that he doesn't feel like drinking beer tonight. - Fariq qal belli ma ɛend-u-c l-gusṭu yecṛeb l-birra l-ɛciyya.

Farid usually doesn't drink beer at parties. - Farid maci mwalef yecṛeb l-birra f l-ḥeflat.

He's been drinking beer. - Kan yecṛeb l-birra.

He only drinks that brand of beer. - Yecṛeb ɣir hadik l-maṛka taɛ l-birra.

He used to drink beer. - Kan yecṛeb l-birra.

I asked for a beer. - Ṭlebt birra.

I can't drink any more beer. - Ma neqder-c nzid necṛeb l-birra.

I don't know if Farid drinks beer or not. - Ma neɛṛef-c ida kan Farid yecṛeb l-birra wella lala.

I drank some beer. - Cṛebt cwiyya birra.

I drink beer. - Ana necṛeb l-birra.

I drink beer every day. - Ana necṛeb l-birra kul yum.

I've heard that if you drink beer you are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than if you don't drink beer. - Smeɛt belli lukan tecṛeb l-birra, yeqder yeqreṣ-k n-namus kteṛ melli ki tecṛeb-c l-birra.

I let Farid drink some of my beer. - Xellit Farid yecṛeb cwiyya men l-birra taɛ-i.

I never drink beer before lunch. - Ana jami necṛeb l-birra qbel l-fṭur.

Is it OK to drink beer on your university campus? - Maɛlic yecṛeb l-waḥed l-birra f l-ǧamiɛa taɛ-kum?

My father used to drink beer, but now he drinks sake. - Baba kan yecṛeb l-birra, beṣṣeḥ duṛk wella yecṛeb ṣ-ṣaki.

We drink a lot of beer at home. - Ḥna necceṛbu bezzaf l-birra f d-daṛ.

You'd be amazed how much beer Farid drinks when he goes out. - Ṛa-k ṛayeḥ tetɛeǧǧeb lukan teɛṛeb cḥal yecṛeb Farid l-birra ki yexreǧ.

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