Calf, (noun), 1- (animal), genduz (gnadez).

2- (body part), rekla (rkali?).


Farid branded the calf. - Farid maṛka hadak l-genduz.

He tore his calf muscle playing basketball. - Tgeṭṭɛet-lu ɛeḍla f r-rekla ki kan yelɛeb l-baskat.

Night cramps in the calf muscles are particularly painful. - L-kṛumpa taɛ l-lil f r-rekla tewǧeɛ bezzaf.

The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg. - L-ɛeḍla taɛ r-rekla ṛa-hi muṛ t-tibya.

The calf should be separated from its mother. - Lazem iferrqu bin l-genduz u yemma-h.

The cow forgot that it once was a calf. - Nsat l-begṛa belli hiya tani kanet genduz.

The cow gave birth to a calf with two heads. - Hadik l-begṛa weldet genduz ɛend-u zuǧ ṛisan.

The cow lost its calf. - Beḥḥṛet hadik l-begṛa l-genduz taɛ-ha.

With one blow of the axe, he killed the calf, and with the second split its brain. - B-ḍ-ḍerba l-ewwla taɛ c-caqur, qtel hadak l-genduz, u b-ḍ-ḍerba t-tanya, qsem-lu muxx-u.

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