1-Call, (noun), (phone), ttiṣal (ttiṣalat).

2-Call, (verb), ɛeyyeṭ.

Examples (noun):

A midnight telephone call gives us both shock and displeasure. - T-tiṣal b t-tilifun ɛel ṭ-ṭnac taɛ l-lil iǧib-lna ɣir l-xelɛa u z-zɛaf. ~~~

We receive many telephone calls from abroad. - Yelleḥqu-na bezzaf t-ttiṣalat men l-xareǧ.

Examples (verb):

Farid called her again. - Ɛawed ɛeyyeṭ-lha Farid.

I called Farid stupid. - Ɛeyyeṭt l-Farid "ya ṭ-ṭneh."

I told Farid not to call. - Qult l-Farid ma iɛeyyeṭ-c.

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