Car, (noun), ṭunubil (ṭunubilat), keṛṛusa (kṛaṛes).


Farid wanted an economy car. - Farid kan ḥayeb keṛṛusa qtiṣadiyya.

He doesn't have enough money to buy a car. - Ma ɛend-u-c dṛahem bac yecri keṛṛusa.

How many other cars does Farid own? - Cḥal men keṛṛusa waḥed-uxra ɛend-u Farid?

I'll help you wash the car. - Nɛawen-k teɣsel l-keṛṛusa.

I'm not ready to run a car dealership in Blida. - Ma ṛa-ni-c waǧed nseyyer ḥanut taɛ kṛaṛes f Blida.

I suppose you already know that's my car. - Cekkit nta ɛlabal-k belli hadi l-keṛṛusa taɛ-i.

My brother was injured in the car accident. - Xu-ya tqas f hadak l-ḥadet taɛ l-keṛṛusa.

The police found a dead body in Farid's car. - L-pulisiyya lqaw bnadem meyyet f l-keṛṛusa taɛ Farid.

There were a number of cars on the street. - Kanu bezzaf kṛaṛes f ṭ-ṭriq.

These cars are big. - Had l-kṛaṛes kbaṛ.

This old car is yours if you want it. - Ddi had l-keṛṛusa l-qdima ida ḥebbit.

When a man opens the door of a car for a woman, either the woman is new, or the car. - Ki yefteḥ ṛ-ṛaǧel l-bab taɛ l-keṛṛusa l-l-mṛa, wayemma hadik l-mṛa hiya l-ǧdida, wella l-keṛṛusa.

When was the last time you washed your car? - Wecnu hiya l-meṛṛa l-exraniyya lli ɣselt fi-ha l-keṛṛusa taɛ-k?

When you cross the street, watch out for cars. - Ki teqṭeɛ ṭ-ṭriq, ṛedd bal-k men l-kṛaṛes.

You've hit it! The book was still in the car. - Ɛend-k l-ḥeqq! L-ktab mazal-u f l-keṛṛusa.

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