Careful, 1- Careful! Balak! Ṛedd bal-k!

2- To be careful, ṛedd bal-u.

Examples (Careful!):

Careful! There's a pothole on the road. - Balak! Kayna ḥufṛa f ṭ-ṭriq.

Examples (to be careful):

Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road. - Ṛedd bal-k tṣug f l-ǧiha l-ɣalṭa taɛ ṭ-ṭriq.

I'll be extra careful. - Ṛa-ni ṛayeḥ nṛedd bal-i mliḥ.

Karima should be very careful while crossing the road. - Karima lazem tṛedd bal-ha mliḥ ki teqṭeɛ ṭ-ṭriq.

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