51/49 regulation (Algeria)
abandoned home
able administrators
abrupt end
absolute limit
absolute value
abundant deposits
abundant mineral
abundant rainfall
abundant reserves
abundant resource
abundant resources
abuse of public money
accelerated advancement
accelerated growth
access road
access to capital
access to education
access to finance
access to financing
access to information
access to jobs
access to land
access to loans
access to raw materials
access to the sea
accounting practice
accounting practice
accounting regulations
accounting system
accumulated capital
accumulated stocks
accumulation of debts
accurate data
acidic soil
acquisition activity
action plan
action plan
active drilling
active forest
active ingredient
active participant
active participation
active policy
active population
active role
activity zone
actual decline
actual expenditures
actual impact
actual income
actual production
actual use
acute disruption
acute problem
acute shortage
acute shortage (of)
added capacity
additional aid
additional benefits
additional challenge
additional compressor
additional credit
additional measures
additional supplement
additional support
additional time
address to parliament
adequate amount
adequate energy sources
adequate production
adequate quantity
ad hoc raise
adjusted forecast
adjustment measure
adjustment program
administered prices
administration of trusts
administrative capacity
administrative discretion
administrative district
administrative employee
administrative guidance
administrative guidance
administrative mechanism
administrative reform
administrative worker
adult citizen
advanced capabilities
advanced computers
advanced design
advanced economy
advanced electronic products
advanced electronics system
advanced engineering
advanced industry
advanced nation
advanced robot
advanced robotics
advanced system
advanced technology
advanced telecommunications
advanced telecommunications
advance notice
advance purchase
advance purchase contract
advance technology
adversarial relationship
adversarial relationship
adverse effect
adverse impact
advertising agency
advertising firm
advisory committee
aerial spraying
aerial vehicle
aerospace industry
affiliated agency
affluent household
African Development Bank
age group
ageing oilfield
aggressive policy
aggressive privatization
aggressive strategy
aging fleet
aging of the working population
aging society
aging workforce
agrarian reform
agrarian reform law
agribusiness joint venture
agricultural area
agricultural census
agricultural commodities
agricultural commodity
agricultural controls
agricultural credit
agricultural crop
agricultural debts
agricultural development
agricultural drainage water
agricultural exports
agricultural goods
agricultural growth
agricultural incomes
agricultural infrastructure
agricultural inputs
agricultural joint venture
agricultural labor force
agricultural land
agricultural machinery
agricultural machinery enterprise
agricultural machinery works
agricultural mechanization
agricultural organization
agricultural output
agricultural population
agricultural prices
agricultural prices
agricultural processing
agricultural produce
agricultural product
agricultural product importer
agricultural production
agricultural productivity
agricultural raw goods
agricultural reform
agricultural research
agricultural self-sufficiency
agricultural stagnation
agricultural subsidies
agricultural system
agricultural task
agricultural technique
agricultural technology
agricultural use
agricultural wages
agricultural wastes
agricultural work
agricultural workers
agricultural year
agricultural yield
agricultural yields
agriculture-related industry
agriculture policy
agriculture sector
aid agreement
aid consignments
aid delivery
aid distribution
aid donor
aid infusions
aid reduction
ailing president
aircraft fuselage
aircraft industry
aircraft industry
aircraft movements
air hub
air link
air pollution
airport capacity
air raid
air route
air route
air service
air transport
air transport
air transportation
air transportation
air transportation enterprise
air travel
air traveler
Albanian Commercial Bank
Albanian Communist Party
Albanian Democratic Party
Albanian Party of Labor
Albanian Petroleum and Gas Directorate
alcoholic beverage
alcoholic beverage
Algerian dinar
alien crop-circles
Alliance for Economic Recovery, APRE (Mexico)
allied forces
Allied occupation
allocation of credit
allocation of expenditures
allocation of funds
allocation of resources
allocation of resources
allocation quota
allotted role
alluvial deposits
alluvial plain
alphalt deposits
alternate road
alternative economy
alternative energy
alternative energy source
alternative job opportunities
alternative source
aluminum complex
aluminum smelting plant
ambitious goal
ambitious objective
ambitious plan
ambitious scheme
American Depositary Receipts
amino-acid fermentation
ammonia-urea plant
ammonium nitrate plant
amount of imports
ample potential
ample reserves
AM radio station
AM station
ancient aquifer
ancient monument
ancient past
animal-displacing mechanization
animal feed
animal forage
animal husbandry
anime industry
annual birth rate
annual budget
annual catch
annual compound rate
annual conference
annual decrease
annual exports
annual flood
annual flooding
annual fluctuation
annual growth
annual growth rate
annual increase
annual increase
annual increase
annual increase
annual inflation
annual loans
annual meeting
annual output
annual pay
annual plan
annual production
annual rainfall
annual ranking
annual rate
annual rate
annual remittances
annual revenue
annual sales
annual surplus
annual vacation
annual volume
annual wage increase
anticipated receipts
anticompetitive practices
antigovernment forces
antimonopoly laws
antimonopoly legislation
antiquated infrastructure
antitrust regulations
antitrust statutes
appalling quality
apparel exports
apparel industry
apparel manufacturer
apparel production
apparel retailer
apparent order
apple imports
appliance manufacturer
application of pesticides
applied research
appreciable cut
appropriate hardware
appropriate incentives
appropriate irrigation
appropriate policy
approval of cartel arrangements
aquaculture department
aquaculture enterprise
aquaculture operation
aquaculture production
Arab Cooperation Council
arable land
Arab nation
Arab region
Arab socialism
Arab Spring
arbitrary ceiling
arcane banking
archaeological site
archaeological treasure
architectural monument
arid zone
arithmetic point of view
armed conflict
armed forces
armed gang
armed security
armed ship
arms agreement
arms trafficking
army personnel
aromatic plant
artificial fertilizer
artificial insemination
artificial insemination
artificial island
artificial reservoir
artificial stability
art store
asphalt production
assembly line
assembly line workers
assembly manufacturer
assembly plant
assistance agreement
associated activity
associate member
association agreement
assumption of power
Aswan High Dam
attack victim
attractive climate
attractive environment
attractive price
attractive wage
auditing operation
auditing system
austerity measure
austerity measures
austerity measures
austerity policy
austerity program
austerity regime
auterity program
authoritarian regime
auto imports
auto industry
auto manufacturing
automatic mechanism
automatic promotion
automobile assembly
automobile company
automobile industry
automobile manufacturer
automobile manufacturing
automobile manufacturing country
automobile sector
automobile tax
automobile traffic
automobile traffic
automotive electronics
automotive equipment
automotive industry
automotive logistics
automotive manufacturer
automotive market
automotive sector
autonomous company
autonomous conglomerate
autonomous institution
autonomous subsidiary
auto show
availability of credit
availability of labor
availability of pasture land
available arable land
available data
available figures
available figures
available information
available land
available petroleum
available poiwer
available real estate
available statistics
availale labor, available labour
average elevation
average growth
average income
average increase
average inflation
average pay
average pay
average pay
average price
average rate
average rate of growth
average salary
average size
average volume
average wage
average worker
average worker earnings
average yield
baby-food processing plant
baby boom
baby food
bachelor's degree
back pay
back payments
backward country
bacl-market dealer
bad debts
bad loan
bad loan
balance-of-payments crisis
balanced budget
balanced growth
balanced trade
balance of payments
balance of payments deficit
balance of payments disequilibriul
balance of payments disequilibrium
balance of payments surplus
balance of payments transactions
baldy maintained road network
Balkan nation
bank account
bank credit
bank creditor
Bank for Agricultural Development
banking activity
banking business
banking business
banking corporation
banking criteria
banking facilities
banking industry
banking institution
banking investment returns
banking law
banking legislation
banking procedure
banking standards
banking structure
banking system
bank liquidity
bank loan
Bank of Albania
Bank of Algeria
Bank of Japan
bank operations
bankruptcy law
bank services
ban on exports
ban on imports
barley prices
barley production
barley production
barley sector
barrage construction
barriers to immigration
barriers to trade
barrier to growth
base metal
base pay
basic amenities
basic capabilities
basic consumer commodities
basic crops
basic element
basic equipment
basic expenditures
basic food crops
basic food items
basic foods
basic industry
basic item
basic manufacture
basic necessities
basic product
basic research
basic resources
basic scientific research
basic services
basic services
basic software
basic staple
basic subsidies
basin irrigation
battery of measures
beach activities
bear market
beast of burden
beautiful beach
beautiful mosaic
beef cattle
beef imports
beef production
benchmark stock index
benefit adjustments
benefit levels
berthing facilities
beverage industry
bicycle assembly plant
bidding round
bid round
bid round
biennal crop rotation
big business
big city
big retail store
bilateral accord
bilateral agreement
bilateral trade
bill of specifications
biological resources
biotechnology project
biotechnology research
birth rate
bitumen deposits
bitumen enterprise
bitumen production
black-market speculation
black-market speculators
black decade (Algeria)
black gold
black market
black market
black marketeer
blister copper
blocking minority
block valve station
blood feud
bloody uprising
bloody war
blue-collar worker
board of director
boat service
bond-rating institution
bond buying
bonded warehouse
bonding company
bond instrument
bond market
bond market
bond market
bond market
bond market prices
bond trading
boom in exports
booming market
booming population
boom in tourism
border compliance for imports
Border Environmental Cooperation Commission, BECC
border official
borrowing costs
borrowing requirements
botched campaign
bottle size
branch network
brass mill
breach of ethics
bread-grain production
breakdown in production
bred variety
breeding technique
briar pipe
brick factory
brick kiln
brick making
bridge loan
brief closure
brief interlude
brief period
brief recession
brief strike
British thermal unit, BTU
broad-based protests
broad-leaved forest
broad beans
broadcasting center, broadcasting centre
broadcast service
broad category
broad choice
broad economic stability
broad estuary
broad mass
broad opposition
broad policy
broad power
broad program
broad range
broken-down equipment
brokerage fees
brokerage firm
brokerage house
brokerage services
bubble economy
bubble economy
budgetary adaptation
budgetary procedure
budget commission
budget cut
budget data
budget deficit
budgeted expenses
budget format
budget law
budget law
budget reform
building materials
building permit
built-up area
bullet train
burdensome debt
bureaucratic hurdles
bureaucratic procedure
bureaucratic snarls
bureaucratic stagnation
burgeoning center, burgeoning centre
burgeoning population
burgeoning unemployment
burial ground
business activity
business activity
business atmosphere
business climate
business community
business confidence
business development
business ecosystem
business elite
business elite
business environment
business group
business group
business intelligence
business leaders
business management
business manager
business model
business operation
business organization
business people
business permit
business plan
business registration
business registration tax
business regulation
business relationships
business school
business sector
business sentiment
business strategy
business success
business system
business tycoon
business uncertainty
bus line
bus manufacturer
bustling street
bus usage
busy airport
busy intersection
busy port
busy seaport
butagas output
butter consumption
buying spree
byzantine bureaucracy
Cabinet decison
cable project
Cairo Stock Exchange
calculation method
calendar year
call costs
calling plan
call money
caloric intake
calorific value
camel herd
camera industry
canal-irrigated area
canal toll
canned fruits
canned sardines
canned vegerables
capacity utlization
capital-intensive system
capital account
capital accumulation
capital accumulation
capital city
capital credit
capital equipment
capital expenditure
capital flight
capital goods
capital inflow
capital investment
capitalist country
capitalist exploitation
capitalist system
capitalist world
capital market
capital position
capital reinvestment
capital repatriation
capital reserves
capital resources
capital stock
capital transactions
career advancement
career employees
career path
career progression
careful development
careful husbandry
cargo tonnage
cargo vessel
Caribbean region
car imports
car make
car maker
car manufacturer
car manufacturing
car manufacturing
car model
car ownership
car registration
carrot-and-stick technique
car spare parts
cash crop
cash deficit
cash market
castle town
catalog shopping
catastrophic event
cattle feed
cattle herd
cattle ranching
cattle stock
cellular phone
cellular phone market
cellular telephone services
cement factory
cement plant
cement producer
cement producer
cement production
census personnel
central-government grants
Central America
Central American country
central authorities
central bank
central bank governor
Central Bank of Egypt
central concern
central control
central feature
central government
central holding companies
central issue
centralized agriculture
centralized economy
centralized mechanism
centralized planned economy
centrally planned economy
centrally planned system
central plan
central planners
cereal production
cereal production
cereals needs
certified engineer
certified professional
chamber of commeerce
chamber of parliament
changing attitude
changing circumstances
changing price conditions
charge account
charter service
cheap credit
cheap imports
chemical enterprise
chemical industry
chemical manufactures
chemical product
chicken feed
chief executive
chief executive officer
chief partner
chief promoter
chief source
chief trading partnet
child labor, child labour
children's clothing
chilling effect
chilling example
Chinese carp
chrome exports
chrome products
chrome sales
chromite industry
chromite mine
chromite output
chromite reserves
chromium-ore production center
chromium industry
chromium ore
chromium products
chronic absenteeism
chronic deficit
chronic deficit
chronic problem
chronic shortage
chronic shortages
chronic shortfall
chronic underemployment
chronic unemployment
cigarette making
circuit board
circulation of human capital
circulation of social capital
citrus fruits
city bank
city plan
civil code
civil engineering
civil engineering industry
civilian branch
civilian debt
civilian loans
civilian sector
civil servant
civil service remuneration
civil society
civil war
civil war
claims on land
classical times
cleaning equipment
clean water
clean water
clearance for agriculture
clear policy
clear preference
clear solution
clerical work
client company
client name
climatic difference
climatic zone
close-knit group
close access
close ally
close cooperation
closed economy
close supervision
close ties
close ties
clothing dealer
clothing factory
clothing industry
cloudy picture
clover production
co-opted elite
coal-fired plant
coal-fired power plant
coal-mining industry
coal deposits
coal deposits
coal importer
coal imports
coal industry
coalition government
coal mine
coal mine
coal mining
coal production
coal reserves
coal reserves
coal seams
coal washery
coastal bay
coastal city
coastal fishery
coastal fishing
coastal plain
coastal region
coastal road
coastal route
coastal sand
coastal transportation
coastal waters
coastal waters
coking coal
coking unit
collapse of oil prices
collapsing prices
collapsing system
collection procedures
collective-farm member
collective-farm work force
collective employment contract
collective enterprise
collective farm
collective farm member
collectivization drive
collectivized agriculture
college graduate
colonial experience
combined capacity
combined capacity
combined debt
combine harvester
commerce sector
commercial activity zone
commercial air travel
commercial application
commercial attache
commercial bank
commercial banking
commercial banking system
commercial code
commercial counsellor
commercial creditor
commercial firm
commercial fleet
commercial foreign-exchange transactions
commercialization circuit
commercial office
commercial operation
commercial production
commercial production
commercial relations
commercial representative
commercial sector
commercial system
commercial traffic
commercial transaction
commercial travel
commercial treaty
commercial vehicle
commercial viability
commidity exports
commodity-producing sector
commodity aid
commodity trader
common carp
common characteristic
common feature
common indicator
common practice
common socialist property
communal lands
communication center, communication centre
communication satellite
communications equipment
communications facilities
communications infrastructure
communications network
communications network
communications revolution
communications system
communist-dominated front
communist-dominated organization
communist-enforced isolation
communist bloc
communist boss
communist economy
communist era
communist front
communist giant
communist government
communist nation
communist order
communist organization
communist party
communist regime
communist regime
communist structure
communist system
communist world
commuter line
commuter rail line
commuter rail transport
commuter train
commuter train service
commuter transport
company employee
company management
company operations
company operations
company union
comparative advantage
comparison index
competing claims (on)
competitive advantage
competitive business
competitive examination
competitive firm
competitive market
competitiveness score
competitive price
competitive sector
complete absence
complete breakdown
complete disrepair
complete isolation
complete lack (of)
complete sale
complete shutdown
complete statistics
complete stoppage
complex code
complex component
complex factor
complex issue
complex regulatory environment
complex supply chain
complex system
complex system
complex system
complex transaction
complicated system
comprehensive agreement
comprehensive package
comprehensive planning
comprehensive reform
comprehensive reform
compressor station
computer-aided design, CAD
computer-aided manufacturing, CAM
computer products
computer usage
computer usage
concentration of wealth
concentric rings
concession agreement
concessions on imports
concrete structure
Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions, Jidosha Soren (Japan)
confidence in the economy
Confucian country
conglomerate grouping
Congress of the Union
coniferous forest
connecting section
consensus builder
consensus building
conservation measure
conservative policy
considerable challenge
considerable damage
considerable decline
considerable doubts
considerable funds
considerable improvement
considerable improvement
considerable increase
considerable influence
considerable investment
considerable opposition
considerable output
considerable resources
considerable resources
considerable scepticism
considerable supplies
considerable support
considerable tension
consolidation measures
conspicuous consumption
constant decline
constant growth rate
constant oil price
constant price
constant share
constituent feature
constitutional article
constitutional ban
constitutional mandate
construction boom
construction company
construction costs
construction enterprise
construction firm
construction industry
construction investment
construction method
construction permit
construction project
construction project
construction standards
construction technology
construction trades
constructive participant
consular identification
consumer-goods output
consumer-goods producer
consumer-goods production
consumer clothing
consumer cooperative
consumer credit
consumer credit level
consumer demand
consumer durables
consumer electric products
consumer electronics
consumer electronics
consumer goods
consumer goods industry
consumer items
consumer loan
consumer preferences
consumer price index
consumer price inflation
consumer services
consumer spending
consumer subsidies
consumer subsidy
consumptin tax rate
consumption basket
consumption level
consumption needs
consumption of grain
consumption tax
contemporary period
contingency lending
continual decline
continual increase
continued decline
continued dependence (on)
continued dependence (on)
continued expansion
continued growth
continuing deterioration
continuing reduction
continuous improvement
continuous increase
contracting firm
contracting sector
contract law
contract terms
contradictory information
control device
control laboratory
controlled crop
controlled product
controlled sector
control of arrears
controversial issue
controversial project
contton textiles
convenience store
convenience store chain
conventional gas
conventional gas
conventional oil
conventional peg
conventional reserves
conventional resource
convertible-currency debt
cooking oil
cool temperature
cooperation accord
cooperative bank
cooperative farm
cooperative member
copper-smelting industry
copper demand
copper deposits
copper ore
copper ores
copper output
copper production
copper products
copper sulfate
copper wire
copy machine
core inflation
core subsidies
corn borer
corn imports
corn imports
corn producer
corn production
corn production
corn seed
corporate acquisition
corporate affairs
corporate control
corporate earnings
corporate governance
corporate group
corporate heads
corporate hierarchy
corporate investment
corporate law
corporate manager
corporate market
corporate merger
corporate prosperity
corporate relations
corporate responsibility
corporate scout
corporate securities
corporate shareholder meeting
corporate structure
corporate system
corporate tax
corporate taxes
corporate tax rates
corporate tax rates
corresponding figures
corridor of highways
corruption case
Corruption Perception Index
corruption rates
cost-benefit analysis
cost-cutting measure
cost-cutting measures
cost-of-living allowance
cost-of-living increment
cost-of-living raise
cost analysis
cost cutting
costly improvement
costly subsidies
cost of credit
cost of distribution
cost of generation
cost of inputs
cost of labor
cost of living
cost of living increases
cost of subsidies
cost of transporation
cotton-ginning plant
cotton area
cotton crop
cotton cultivation
cotton exports
cotton exports
cotton ginning
cotton growing
cotton market
cotton output
cotton prices
cotton processing
cotton production
cotton revenues
cotton sector
cotton shortage
cotton spinning
cotton textiles
cotton trade
cotton yarn
cotton yield
cotton yields
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, Comecon
council of ministers
council of ministers
country classification
crashed corn
crash in oil prices
crash program
creation of employment
credit agency
credit agreement
credit arrangements
credit association
credit association
credit bank
credit card
credit ceiling
credit cooperative
credit crisis
credit crunch
credit growth
creditor countries
creditor nation
credit policy
credit rating
credit recovery
credit union
criminal penalties
crippling job action
critical interpretation
critical issue
critical sector
crop area controls
crop failure
crop management
cropped area
cropping pattern
crop production
crop quota
crop rotation
crop structure
crop yields
cross-docking management
crossing of strains
crucial factor
crucial resources
crucial sea-lane
crude copper
crude oil
crude oil exports
crude oil pipeline
crude oil production
crude output
crude petroleum
crude petroleum
crude pipeline
crude processing
crude products
crude sales
crude steel
cubic foot
cubic meter
cultivable land
cultivated acreage
cultivated area
cultivated floodplain
cultivated land
cultivation management
cultivation practice
cultivation technique
cultural center, cultural centre
cultural conservatism
cultural monument
cultural needs
Cultural Revolution
cultural structure
cultured pearls
culture of corruption
cumbersome regulations
cumbersome regulatory framework
currency collapse
currency convertibility
currency devaluation
currency exchange rate
currency policy
currency problems
currency reform
currency trader
current account
current account balance
current account balance
current account deficit
current account deficit
current account deficit
current account pressures
current activity
current government
current price
current spending
current status
curtailment of aid
customes duties
customs administration
customs duties
customs duties
customs duties
customs officer
customs post
customs procedures
customs service
customs tariff
customs union
cut in expenditures
cut in the budget deficit
cut to public spending
cyanic acid
daily capacity
daily consumption
daily demand
daily flight
daily needs
daily output
daily running (of)
daily trip
daily volume
dairy farming
dairy product
dairy sector
dangerous reliance
dangerous weapon
data-processing industry
data gathering
data processing
data transmission
date of transfer
daunting challenge
daunting task
day care
day of reckoning
dazzling fall
debilitating strike
debt-financed spending
debt-resolution agency
debt-ridden government
debt crisis
debt financing
debt information
debtor nation
debt payment
debt payment
debt principal payments
debt problems
debt reduction
debt reduction
debt relief
debt rescheduling
debt restructuring
debt service
debt sustainability
decentralization of decision making
decentralized economy
decided effort
deciding vote
decision-making area
decision-making institution
decision-making power
decision-making role
decision maker
decisive factor
decisive role
deck chairs
decline in oil prices
decline in oil prices
decline in population
decline in population
decline in prices
decline in production
decline in revenue
decline of expenditures
declining birthrate
declining growth
declining industry
declining interest rates
declining population
declining prices
declining production
declining reserves
declining revenue
declining value
decreased share
decrease of cropland
decreasing reserves
decreasing share
deep-sea fishery
deep-sea fishing
deep-sea fishing
deep-sea fishing
deep contempt
deep involvement
deep mining
deep recession
deep reform
deep reform
de facto exemption
defense-related research
defense budget
defense expenditure
defense expenditures
defense expenses
defense spending
defensive line
deficit spending
deforested land
defunct mine
degenerative disease
de jure exemption
delivery of raw materials
demand for beef
demand for cars
demand for credit
demand for feed
demand for gas
demand for irrigation water
demand for land
demand for livestock
demand for power
demand for timber
demand for vehicles
demand for water
demand pressure
democratic state
demographic shift
denationalization of state enterprises
densely populated area
densely populated area
density of motor vehicles
department store
dependence on exports
dependence on foreign research
dependence on imports
dependence on oil
dependence on oil
dependence on oil revenue
dependence on trade
dependency on food imports
dependency on pesticides
dependency syndrome
depletion of reserves
depletion of reserves
deplorable conditions
deposit holdings
deposit rates
deposit retention
depreciation of the national currency
depressed business atmosphere
deregulation of the economy
deregulation package
derivative litigation
derivatives of hydrocarbons
desalination project
desctructive policy
desert area
desert land
desert landscape
desert road
desert wasteland
design facilities
desirable direction
desktop computer
destruction of proptery
destructive policy
detailed regulation
deteriorating balance of payments
deterioratng public services
determined interest
devastated economy
developed country
developed country
developed economy
developed economy
developed econpmy
developed investment
developed market
developed market
developed nation
developed nation
developed network
developed network
developed resource
developed resources
developed state
developed world
developing country
developing country
developing economy
developing nation
developmental challenge
developmental strategy
development assistance
development bank
Development Bank of Japan
development funds
development plan
development planning
development project
development project
development scheme
development strategy
development strategy
development strategy
development strategy
development work
development work
devolution of control (over sth)
diesel-driven train
diesel fuel
diesel fumes
difficult access (to)
difficult decision
difficult extraction
difficult investment
difficult option
difficult process
difficult process
difficult rule
difficult target
difficult task
digital exhange
digital telephone exchange plant
diminished ability
diminished ability
diplomatic mission
diplomatic staff
dire circumstances
dire consequences
dire consequences
direct-dial call
direct access
direct aid
direct contribution
direct control
direct control
direct financing
direct funds
direct impact
direct influence
direct investment
direct involvement
direct line
direct management
director general
direct participation
direct result
direct sale
direct sale
direct supervision
direct taxes
dire food shortage
dire need
dirt road
disciplinary standards
discount-store chain
discount debentures
discount store
discretionary power
disengagement accord
disincentive for competition
disposable income per capita
disproportionate amount
disproportionate segment
disquieting message
disruptive strike
distinct objective
distinguishing feature
distribution channel
distribution costs
distribution industry
distribution network
distribution of aid
distribution of fertilizers
distribution of fertilizers
distribution of goods
distribution of goods
distribution of income
distribution of inputs
distribution of pesticides
distribution of services
distribution of wealth
distribution program
distribution system
distribution system
distribution system
distribution system
diverse array (of)
diversification efforts
divestment sales
division of labor
division of land
documentary compliance for imports
documentation of business activity
domestic-resource costs
domestic activities
domestic airport
domestic air service
domestic air service
domestic appliance
domestic assets
domesticated animal
domestic auto manufacturing
domestic bank
domestic banking system
domestic banking system
domestic borrowing
domestic call
domestic capital
domestic chores
domestic commerce
domestic commerce
domestic commercial relations
domestic communications
domestic company
domestic company
domestic consumer
domestic consumption
domestic consumption
domestic consumption
domestic corporation
domestic credit
domestic debt
domestic demand
domestic demand
domestic deposits
domestic deposits
domestic destination
domestic destination
domestic development
domestic disruption
domestic economic environment
domestic economy
domestic energy use
domestic firm
domestic firm
domestic firms
domestic front
domestic industry
domestic industry
domestic industry
domestic industry
domestic instability
domestic investment
domestic logging
domestic long-distance call
domestic manufacture
domestic market
domestic mining
domestic monopoly
domestic monopoly
domestic policy
domestic power struggle
domestic private bank
domestic producer
domestic product
domestic production
domestic production
domestic production
domestic production
domestic reform
domestic relations
domestic resources
domestic resources
domestic sale
domestic saving
domestic savings
domestic service
domestic source
domestic source
domestic supply and demand
domestic taxes
domestic telecommunications
domestic telecommunications
domestic trade
domestic trade
domestic trade
domestic trade
domestic transport
domestic transport
domestic yield
dominant agent
dominant crop
dominant factor
dominant factor
dominant position
dominant position
donor country
donor nation
dormant industry
double-decked road tunnel
double-decked tunnel
double-digit inflation
double-track route
downside pressure
downstream facilities
downstream hydrocarbon products
downtown district
downtown station
downward pressure
downward trend
draft animal
draft animal
draft bill
draft budget
draft law
draft legislation
draft power
drainage canal
drainage facilities
drainage issues
drainage management
drainage of marshes
drainage project
drainage scheme
drainage water
dramatic change
dramatic consequences
dramatic deterioration in relations
dramatic devaluation
dramatic drop
dramatic effects
dramatic impact
dramatic increase
dramatic increase
dramatic rise
drastic cut
drastic cutback
drastic reduction
dried mud
dried onion
drilling equipment
drilling firm
drilling for oil
drilling operations
drilling rights
drill site
drinking-water supply
drip irrigation
driver of growth
drop in earnings
drop in GDP
drop in imports
drop in oil prices
drop in oil prices
drop in output
drop in output
drop in prices
drop in productivity
drop in the demand (for)
drop in tourism
drought-resitant variety
drug development
dry climate
dry material
dry rice
durable consumer goods
durable goods
duty-free store
dwindling resources
dynamic growth
dynamic market
dynamic sector
e-business services
early adulthood
early maturing variety
earthquake-resistant design
ease of doing business
ease of doing business index
ease of trading
easing of bureaucratic hurdles
East-West Highway (Algeria)
East Asia
Eastern bloc
Eastern bloc nation
Eastern Desert (Egypt)
East European country
easy access
easy availability (of)
easy life
easy solution
ecological conditions
economic activity
economic activity
economic adaptation
economic adjustment
economic adviser
economic agent
economic agreement
economic aid
economic aid
economically active population
economic analysis
economic analyst
economic anarchy
economic arrangements
economic asset
economic backwardness
economic behavior
economic benefits
economic benefits
economic boom
economic breakdown
economic bubble
economic burden
economic catastrophe
economic catechism
economic challenge
economic challenge
economic change
economic chaos
economic circumstances
economic climate
economic collapse
economic collapse
economic community
economic composition
economic concession
economic conditions
economic consequences
economic convergence
economic cooperation
economic cooperation
economic cost
economic crash
economic criteria
economic criteria
economic daily
economic decision
economic decision making
economic decision making
economic decision making
economic demand
economic dependence
economic depression
economic deterioration
economic development
economic development
economic difficulties
economic difficulties
economic difficulties
economic disaster
economic disparities
economic disparity
economic disruption
economic disturbances
economic diversification
economic diversificaton efforts
economic doctrine
economic domain
economic downturn
economic downturn
economic dualism
economic dysfunction
economic effect
economic effort
economic environment
economic evolution
economic expansion
economic expectations
economic expectations
economic fabric
economic factor
economic forecast
economic fortune
economic front
economic front
economic gain
economic grant
economic growth model
economic history
economic impact
economic indicator
economic indicator
economic influence
economic influence
economic infrastructure
economic infrastructure
economic initiative
economic investment
economic issue
economic issue
economic laws
economic liberalization
economic life
economic links
economic management
economic measures
economic mechanism
economic might
economic ministry
economic miracle
economic mismanagement
economic model
economic model
economic model
economic model
economic modernization
economic necessity
economic nosedive
economic objective
economic opportunity
economic outlook
economic output
economic picture
economic plan
economic planners
Economic Planning Agency (Japan)
Economic Planning Commission, Albania
economic policy
economic policymaker
economic power
economic price
economic priority
economic problem
economic process
economic process
economic program
economic progress
economic progress
economic prospects
economic recession
economic reconstruction
economic recovery
economic recovery
economic red light
economic reform
Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program (Egypt, 1991)
economic regulation
economic relations
economic relations
economic relationships
economic relationships
economic restructing
economic restructuring
economic restructuring
economic restructuring
economic revival
economic rival
economic scrutiny
economic self-reliance
economic significance
economic significance
economic situation
economic slide
economic slump
Economic Solidarity Pact, PSE (Mexico)
economic stability
economic stabilization
economic stagnation
economic statistics
economic structure
economic structure
economic system
economic tension
economic theory
economic ties
economic ties
economic transformation
economic transition
economic turmoil
economic update
economic warfare
economic wellbeing
economic zone
economies of scale
edible oil
edible oil
educated labor
educated workers
educational background
educational facilities
educational level
education index
education institution
education offer
education standards
education system
effective banking system
effective control
effective effort
effective measure
effective method
effective model
effective reform
effective system
effective technique
effective use
effective work force
effects of inflation
efficiency of public services
efficient method
efficient network
efficient operation
efficient spending
efficient system
efficient unit
egalitarian reform
egalitarian system
egalitarian wage structure
egg imports
Egyptian Democratic Labour Congress
Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions
Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, EGPC
Egyptian National Railways
Egyptian pound
Egyptian Railways
elderly people
election year
electoral victory
electric-generating capacity
electric-power exports
electric-power generation
electric-power output
electric-power production
electrical apparatuses
electrical equipment
electrical grid
electrical home appliance
electrical industries
electrical machinery
electrical manufactured goods
electrical power
electrical service
electric cable
electric car
electric car maker
electricity consumption
electricity generation
electricity prices
electricity prices
electricity production
electricity rates
electricity sector
electricity subsidy
electricity supply
electricity supply
electric line
electric machinery
electric power
electric power capacity
electric products
electric service
electric water heater
electric wire
electrified line
electrified railroad
electrified route
electrinics engineering
electronic appliance
electronic communications
electronic component
electronic components
electronic product
electronic products
electronics conglomerate
electronics engineer
electronics industry
electronics market
electronics parts
electronics sector
electronic transfer
elevated interest rates
elimination of price controls
elimination of subsidies
emergency bail-out
emergency food
emergency loan
emerging country
emerging industry
emerging market
emerging market
emerging rival
emerging sector
emigre community
empirical evidence
employed workforce
employee bonuses
employee pension insurance
employee wages
employers' association
employment absorber
employment insurance
employment office
employment of foreigners
employment opportunity
employment opportunity
employment problem
employment profile
employment representatives
employment structure
employment system
employment system
endemic corruption
endemic instability
enduring mentality
enemy of the people
energetic step
energy-intensive industries
energy-related activity
energy analyst
energy bill
energy company
energy consultancy
energy consumption
energy consumption
energy costs
energy crisis
energy crisis
energy earnings
energy efficiency
energy exporter
energy exports
energy giant
energy governance
energy industry
energy information
energy infrastructure
energy minister
energy ministry
energy needs
energy needs
energy output
energy policy
energy prices
energy production
energy production
energy requirements
energy resources
energy resources
energy revenues
energy sector
energy security
energy shoprtage
energy shortage
energy source
energy specialist
energy studies
energy subsidies
energy supplies
enforcement of a contract
engineering, procurement and construction, EPC
engineering, procurement and construction company, EPC company
engineering, procurement and construction contractor, EPC contractor
engineering branch
engineering capabilities
engineering conglomerate
engineering industry
engineering industry
engineering professional
engineering program
engineering sector
engine manufacturer
engine part
English-speaking country
enormous challenge
enormous debt
enormous deficit
enormous emigration
enormous gap
enormous increase
enormous market
enterprise activities
enterprise director
enterprise director
enterprise grouping
enterprise law
enterprise manager
enterprise profits
enterprise self-financing
enterprise system
enterprise union
enterprise union
entertainment subsidiary
entry port
enviable performance
environmental damage
environmental group
environmental institution
environmental issue
environmental issues
environmental problem
environmental protection
environmental protection equipment
environmental regulations
environmental risk
environmental standards
epochal change
equilibrium level
equipment investment
equipment manufacturer
equipment spending
equity effect
equity fund
equity market
equity position
erratic economic development
escalating debt
essential consumer goods
essential element
essential food
essential food item
essential functions
essential goods
essential ingredient
essential inputs
essential supply
estate worker
ethnic community
Europe's Southern neighborhood
European Community, EC
European country
European Currency Unit
European Union
evaporation level
everyday running
evolving structure
excellent conditions
excellent salary
excessive borrowing
excessive production
excessive usage
excessive working hours
excess production
exchange-rate depreciation
exchange-rate differentials
exchange-rate stability
exchange controls
exchange market
exchange policy
exchange rate
Exchange Rate Commission (Mexico)
exchange system
exchange system liberalization
exchange transaction
exchaust gases
excise taxes
exclusive right
executive board
executive ranks
existing capacity
existing external debt
existing facilities
existing facilities
existing policy
existing road
existing services
exogenous resource
exogenous resources
exogenous shock
exogenous source
exorbitant fees
exorbitant price
expanded drainage
expanding community
expanding market
expansionary budget
expansionary fiscal policy
expansionary policy
expansion of irrigation
expatriate worker
expatriate worker
expected change
expected devaluation
expected growth rate
expected increase
expenditure growth
expenditure item
expenditure on development
expensive car
expensive imports
expensive labor costs
expensive price
experienced labor
experimental farm
explicit exception
exploitation lease
exploitation of land
exploration agreement
exploration campaign
exploration contract
exploration firm
exploration work
Export-Import Bank, Eximbank (United States)
export-oriented economy
export-oriented economy
export-oriented industrialization
export-oriented sector
export-producing industry
exportable oil
exportable surplus
export base
export competitiveness
export destination
export destinations
export drive
export earnings
export earnings
export earnings
export industry
export infrastructure
exporting process
export item
export list
export market
export market
export outlet
export performance
export policy
export proceeds
export product
export promotion
export revenue
export revenues
export trade
export transaction
export value
export value
export volume
expressway network
expropriated farmlands
extended period
extensive change
extensive changes
extensive credits
extensive cultivation (of)
extensive data
extensive empire
extensive exploration
extensive growth
extensive improvement
extensive intervention
extensive network
extensive oil discoveries
extensive regulation
extensive research
extensive resources
extensive resources
extensive system
extensive system
extensive unemployment
extensive use (of)
extensive use (of)
external account
external balance
external balance
external benefits
external borrowing
external borrowing
external borrowing
external borrowing
external broadcast service
external capital
external component
external conditions
external conditions
external creditor
external debt
external debt
external development
external development
external economic relations
external financing
external financing
external indebtedness
external investment
external market
external payment
external reason
external relations
external services
external source
external stabilization, external stabilisation
external supply
external support
external trade
external transaction
externsive network
extraction cost
extraction costs
extraction industry
extraction of raw materials
extraction process
extractive industry
extraordinary attitude
extreme measure
extreme poverty
extreme response
extreme step
fabric production
facade of stability
facade of strength
face value
facilitation payment
facilitation project
facilitation reform
factional infighting
factor of growth
factor of production
factory complex
factory equipment
factory industry
factory site
factory site
failed attempt (to)
failing infrastructure
Fair Trade Commission (Japan)
falling incomes
falling oil prices
falling output
falling prices
falling prices
falling prices
fall in imports
fall in living standards
fall in oil prices
fall in productivity
falloff in exports
fall of oil price
fall of oil prices
family-run farm
family-run retail outlet
family farm
family member
family member
family restaurant
farm-related products
farm area
farm bank
farm collectivization
farm community
farm family
farm family
farm household
farm household
farming activity
farming method
farming system
farm labor
farm output
farm owner
farm population
farm product
farm production
farm sector
farm services
farm size
farm tool
farsighted goal
fascinating architecture
fascist occupation
fashionable clothes
fashion design
fast-food chain
fast-food industry
fast-growing economy
fast-growing industry
fast delivery
fast pace
fast rate
father of the nation
fava beans
favorable conditions
favorable location
favorable reputation
favored employeee
fear of political instability
fear of political repression
feasible option
federal district
federal entity
federal government
Federation of Egyptian Industries, FEI
Federation of Independent Labor Unions (Japan)
feed corn
feeling of vulnerability
female worker
fermentation process
fermentation process
fermentation technology
ferrochrome enterprise
ferrochrome plant
ferry line
ferry service
fertile area
fertile delta
fertile field
fertile land
fertile soil
fertile soil
fertility rate
fertility rate
fertilizer application
fertilizer industry
fertilizer output
fertilizer plant
fertilizer production
fertilizer shortage
fertilizer supplies
feudal agricultre
feudalist stratification
feudal society
feudal town
fiber-optic network, fibre-optic network
fiber-optic transmission, fibre-optic transmission
fiberboard industry
fictitious corporation
field crop
fierce competition
fighter aircraft
final agreement
final distribution
final product
finance commission
finance corporation
finance institution
finance subsidiary
financial activity
financial agency
financial assets
financial assets
financial center, financial centre
financial center, financial centre
financial corporation
financial crisis
financial debentures
financial difficulties
financial difficulty
financial environment
financial establishment
financial firm
financial health
financial help
financial indicator
financial industry
financial institution
financial institution
financial institution
financial investment
financial involvement
financial law
financial liberalization
financial management
financial management
financial market development
financial mechanism
financial package
financial panic
financial police
financial policy
financial position
financial pyramid scheme
financial resources
financial sector
financial services
Financial Services Agency (Japan)
financial stability
financial stability
Financial Supervisory Agency (Japan)
financial support
financial support
financial system
financial system
financial terget
financial tool
financial transaction
financial transaction
financial world
financing mechanism
finished car
finished electronics
finished product
finished vehicle
fire fighter
firm policy
first-class land
first secretary
fiscal affairs
fiscal agent
fiscal austerity
fiscal austerity
fiscal austerity measures
fiscal austerity policy
fiscal balance
fiscal balance
fiscal balance
fiscal balance
fiscal conduct
fiscal consolidation
fiscal consolidation
fiscal contribution
fiscal crisis
fiscal deficit
fiscal deficit
fiscal discipline
fiscal imbalance
fiscal imbalance
fiscal investment
fiscal mismanagement
fiscal policy
fiscal policy
fiscal policy
fiscal pressure
fiscal pressures
fiscal profligacy
fiscal reform
fiscal reform
fiscal restraint
fiscal revenues
fiscal stabilization, fiscal stabilisation
fiscal stimulus
fiscal system
fiscal system
fiscal year
fish breeding
fish cannery
fish catch
fishery complex
fishery cooperative
fishery industry
fishery product
fishery products
fish farm
fish farm
fish farming
fishing boat
fishing enterprise
fishing fleet
fishing industry
fishing industry
fishing industry
fishing port
fishing port
fishing quota
fishing sector
fishing system
fishing vessel
fish market
fish stocks
five-year plan
fixed-line telephone
fixed assets
fixed exchange rate
fixed income
fixed income
fixed investment
fixed investment
fixed investment
fixed investment ratio
fixed line
fixed line market
fixed price
fixed wage
fixed wage
flash memory
flat-bottomed felucca
flathead grey mullet
flat income
flat panel plasma television
flat tax
flexible interpretation
flexible rate
floating exchange rate regime
floating hotel
floating storage
float regime
flood damage
flood of people
flood season
flood time
flour mill
flour mill
flow of goods
flow of information
flow of supplies
flow of traffic
fluctuating rate
FM radio station
FM station
fodder crop
fodder needs
food-processing enterprise
food-processing industry
food-processing operation
food aid
food aid
food convoy
food crop
food crops
food exports
food gap
food grains
food imports
food imports
food insecurity
food item
food maker
food manufacturing
food market
food needs
food needs
food output
food prices
food prices
food prices
food processing
food processing machinery
food product
food production
food ration card
food requirements
food security
food security
food self-sufficiency
food self-sufficiency
food shortage
food subsidies
food supplies
forced industrialization
forced labor
forced saving
forced savings
foreig car
foreign-currency account
foreign-currency earnings
foreign-exchange firm
foreign-exchange market
foreign-exchange needs
foreign-exchange reserves
foreign-exchange resevres
foreign-exchange speculation
foreign-exchange transactons
foreign-investment protection
foreign-investment protection agreement
foreign-language teacher
foreign-owned company
foreign-owned enterprise
foreign-owned firm
foreign-run affiliate
foreign-trade balance
foreign-trade balance
foreign-trade enterprise
foreign-trade liberalization
foreign aid
foreign assistance
foreign assistance
foreign backer
foreign bank
foreign bank
foreign borrowing
foreign borrowing
foreign broadcast
foreign business
foreign business concerns
foreign capital
foreign capital
foreign charter
foreign coffer
foreign commerce
foreign commerce
foreign commerce
foreign commerce
foreign community
foreign company
foreign company
foreign competition
foreign competition
foreign competitor
foreign contribution
foreign copyright
foreign country
foreign credit
foreign currency
foreign currency deposits
foreign currency market
foreign currency reserves
foreign debt
foreign demand
foreign direct investment
foreign economic concessions
foreign economic loan
foreign economist
foreign enterprise
foreign entity
foreign exchange earner
foreign exchange earnings
foreign exchange income
foreign exchange income
foreign firm
foreign firm
foreign firm
foreign firm
foreign food aid
foreign goods
foreign goods
foreign grant
foreign humanitarian relief
foreign immigration
foreign imports
foreign income
foreign interest
foreign invastion
foreign investment regime
foreign investor
foreign language
foreign language
foreign manufacturer
foreign manufacturer
foreign market
foreign member
foreign minister
foreign national
foreign occupation
foreign oil company
foreign owner
foreign parent company
foreign participation
foreign partner
foreign patron
foreign person
foreign petroleum
foreign private bank
foreign products
foreign reserves
foreign source
foreign state
foreign study
foreign support
foreign tourism
foreign tourist
foreign trade
foreign trade
foreign trade account
foreign trade turnover
foreign transaction
foreign travel
foreign traveler
foreign visitor
foreign visitor
foreign worker
foreseeable future
forest area
forest area
forest cover
forested territory
forest products
forest resources
forestry industry
forestry method
forestry project
formal credit
formal economy
formal present
formal steps
former colony
formidable advantage
formidable barrier
formidable forces
form of organization
formulation of the national budget
fortified town
forward contract
fossil-fuel deposits
fossil fuel
fossil fuel
foul air
foundation seed
fragile economy
fragile environment
fragile sector
fragile stability
fragmentation of the elite
frail health
free-market conditions
free-market democracy
free-market measures
free-market prices
free-market rate
free-market reform
free-market reform
free-market system
free-market world
free distribution
free education
free enterprise
free health care
freelance worker
free land distribution
free services
free trade
free trade
free trade agreement, FTA
Free Trade Area of the Americas
free trade policy
free trade system
free trade zone
free zone
freight fleet
freight forwarding
freight forwarding activities
freight forwarding solutions
freight tonnage
freight transport
frequent use
fresh fruits
fresh vegetables
fresh water
freshwater aquaculture
freshwater crustaceans
freshwater fish
freshwater fish
freshwater fishing
freshwater supplies
fringe benefit
fringe benefits
Front for Justice and Development (Algeria)
front organization
fruit canning
fruit crops
fruit juice
fruit monger
fruit preserves
fuel consumption
fuel economy
fuel enrichment
fuel industry
fuel levies
fuel oil
fuel prices
fuel prices
fuel product
fuel source
fuel supply
fuel wastage
fuel wood
full-scale commercialization
full-time employment
full-time scholar
full-time staff
full capacity
full control
full employment
full exploitation
full membership
full membership
full wage
fully-functioning system
fully convertible currency
functional system
functional system
fundamental change
fundamental change
fundamental problem
fundamental restructuring
fund costs
furniture factory
furniture prices
future development
future development
future investment
futures trading
gain in productivity
galloping population growth
gambling casion
garbage truck
gas basin
gas cooker
gas demand
gas deposits
gas discovery
gas dividends
gas drilling
gas exporter
gas exports
gas exports
gas facility
gas field
gas importer
gas interconnections
gas output
gas prices
gas project
gas prospects
gas re-injection
gas research
gas reserves
gas resevres
gas sector
gas supplier
gas supplies
gas supply
gas supply
gate driver
gathering of evidence
GDP composition
GDP growth
GDP growth
GDP index
GDP per capita
GDP per capita growth
GDP per capita increase
general account budget
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT
General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (Egypt)
general budget
General Council of Trade Unions of Japan, SOHYO
General Council of Trade Unions of Japan, Sohyo
general depositor
general drainange
general equities index
General Federation of Trade Union (Egypt)
general gains
general importance
general labor contract
general machinery
General Organization for Export and Import Control, GOEIC (Egypt)
general overhaul
general picture
general policy
general progress
general public
general rationing
general result
general scarcity (of)
general stability
general standard of living
general strike
general trend
generating capacity
generating capacity
generation capacity
generator of foreign exchange
generator of growth
generic pharmaceutical production
generous aid
generous bonus
generous subsidies
genetic recombination
geographical distribution
geographical proximity
geographic targeting
geographic zone
geological exploration
geostrategic position
geothermal power
geothermal power station
geriatric disease
gift certificate
glaring exception
glass factory
glazing putty
Global Competitiveness Report
global crisis
global demand
global dominance
global free trade
global market
global oil prices
global priority
global recession
global recession
global supply chain
global village
global yieled
goat raising
gold extraction
gold mining
gold production
gold production
gold reserves
good attenance
good performance
good relations
goods for mass consumption
goods market
governance reform
government's control
government-business relations
government-controlled trade union
government-fixed price
government-guaranteed bonds
government-owned corporation
government-run bank
government-sponsored cooperative
government administration
government agent
government airline
governmental body
governmental entity
governmental revenue
government bail-out
government bonds
government bonds
government borrowing
government borrowing
government bureaucracy
government bureaucracy
government bureaucracy
government bureaucracy
government bureaucrats
government campaign
government concern
government contract
government contracts
government control
government deficit
government department
government domestic debt
government employment
government estimates
government expenditures
government figures
government finance
government finances
government firm
government functions
government funding
government guidance
government holding company
government influence
government initiative
government institution
government institution
government interference
government intervention
government investment council (Algeria)
government job
government leader
government leaders
government ministry
government monopoly
government official
government official
government operations
government payroll
government permission
government plan
government planner
government pledges
government policy
government post
government press
government program
government quota
government reform
government regulation
government regulations
government resolve
government revenues
government revenues
government revenues
government securities
government service activities
government services
government services
government spending
government spending
government staff
government standards
government statement
government statistics
government subsidies
government supervision
government support
government support
government worker
governor of the central bank
grace period
grace period
grade system
gradual adjustment
gradual change
gradual decrease
gradual decrease
gradual elimination
gradual increase
gradual recovery
gradual steps
graduate school
graduate training
grain crop
grain harvest
grain harvest
grain harvester combine
grain production
grain production
grain shortages
grain supplies
grant assistance
granting of rights
gravel beach
gray economy, grey economy
grazing fees
grazing lands
Great Depression
Great Depression
great loss
Green Algerian Alliance (Algeria)
greenhouse gases
gridion street patter
gross agricultural output
gross agriculture product
gross capital formation
gross domestic product per capita
gross domestic product per capita
gross external debt
gross investment
gross national income
gross output
gross production
ground level
ground satellite station
ground station
growing business
growing competition
growing concern (about)
growing concerns
growing consensus
growing costs
growing deficit
growing deficit
growing demand
growing economy
growing economy
growing evidence
growing group
growing importance
growing importance
growing influence
growing insecurity
growing insecurity
growing interest
growing internationalization
growing labor force, growing labour force
growing market
growing need
growing network
growing network
growing participation
growing population
growing pressure
growing problem
growing proportion (of)
growing share
growing town
growing unrest
growth-oriented corporation
growth estimate
growth figures
growth industry
growth in imports
growth in public expenditure
growth in revenues
growth model
growth of debt
growth of foreign debt
growth of remittances
growth pace
growth patterns
growth rate
growth sector
GSM license
guaranteed debt
guaranteed employment
guaranteed full employment
guaranteed loan
guarantees against nationalization
guest of honor
guest room
Gulf state
handicraft industries
handicraft store
handicraft workshop
hard-currency coffers
hard-currency income
hard-currency income
hard coal
hard currency
hard currency
hard currency deposits
hard currency reserves
hard drive
hard goods
hardships of war
hard struggle
hard work
harmonious relations
harmonious relations
harsh desert
harsh measures
harsh regime
harsh toll
harvestable land
hasty privatization
hatching technique
headline agreement
health care
health insurance
health insurance
health opportunities
health services
healthy industrial sector
healthy pace
healthy production
healty base (of)
hearth attack
heated debate
heating fuel
heavily traveled route
heavy-handed domination
heavy burden
heavy burden
heavy dependence
heavy dependence
heavy equipment
heavy goods
heavy industrial development
heavy industrial goods
heavy industry
heavy influence
heavy investment
heavy machinery
heavy manufactures
heavy pressure
heavy rainfall
heavy reliance
heavy snowfall
heavy spending
hedge funds
heightened concerns
heightened demand
heightening prices
hidden economy
hidden economy
high-grade chromite
high-interest credit
high-level contacts
high-productivity industry
high-profile position
high-quality goods
high-quality link
high-ranking government official
high-ranking official
high-school student
high-speed train
high-speed train
high-tech goods
high-tech industry
high-technology industry
high-technology industry
high-technology manufactured goods
high-technology product
high-tech system
high-tension line
high-tension transmission line
high-wage economy
high-yielding variety
high birth rate
high capital investment
high cost
high cost
high demand
high dependency
high fructose corn syrup
high inflation
high inflation
high inflation
high interest payments
highland rainfall
highly educated workforce
highly paid worker
high price
high priority
high school
high waters
highway construction
highway system
hike in fuel prices
hilly area
hilly zone
hired labor
hiring freeze
historical attraction
historical insight
historic high
historic low
historic structure
holding company
hold on power
home-grown manufacturing
home appliance
home heating
home market
home market
horse-drawn cart
horse racing
horticultural area
horticultural crop
hospitability to foreign visitors
hostile takeover
hot climat
hotel capacity
hotel employee
hotel management
hotel reservation
household consumption
household energy needs
household expenditure
household expenditures
household income
household member
House of Representatves (Japan)
housing assistance
housing facilities
Housing Loan Corporation (Japan)
housing prices
housing rent
housing shortage
housing standards
housing stock
housing structure
huge blunder
huge crisis
huge demand (for)
huge demande
huge figure
huge imbalance
huge income
huge inequalities
huge loss
huge market
huge number
huge sector
huge subdidy
huge surplus
human capacity
human capital
human consumption
human development
human development
human development index
human hormones
humanitarian aid
humanitarian relief
hybrid seed
hybrid truck
hybrid vehicle
hydro-powered turbine
hydrocarbins products
hydrocarbon company
hydrocarbon fiscal contribution
hydrocarbon giant
hydrocarbons company
hydrocarbon sector
hydrocarbons exports
hydrocarbons production
hydrocarbons sector
hydroelectric-power capacity
hydroelectric capabilities
hydroelectric dam
hydroelectric development
hydroelectric energy
hydroelectric facility
hydroelectric plant
hydroelectric potential
hydroelectric potential
hydroelectric power plant
hydroelectric power station
hydroelectric station
hygiene standards
hyperarid zone
ideal conditions
ideal conditioons
ideal option
ideal partner
identity card
identity document
ideological revolution
idle capacity
idled factory
idled factory workers
idled plant
idled worker
idle factory
idle workers
igneous formations
ignificant redudction
illegal alien
illegal exploitation
illegal money
illegal money changer
illegal seizure
illegal whaling
illeterate worker
IMF conditionaliry
IMF voting power
imitation of foreign inventions
immature soil
immediate assistance
Immediate Economic Reorganization Program, PIRE (Mexico)
immediate effects
immediate objective
immense growth
immense poverty
immigration law
impenetrable bureaucracy
impirt partner
implementation mechanism
implicit subsidies
implicit subsidy
import-credit arrangements
import-export company
import-substitution industrialization
import-substitution industrialization
import-substitution industry
import-substitution program
important activity
important area
important aspect
important branch
important branch
important center, important centre
important change
important change
important commodity
important criterion
important decision maker
important dimension
important discovery
important element
important exports
important factor
important factor
important gateway
important industry
important leader
important legacy
important means of transportation
important mineral
important objective
important port
important produce
important product
important progress
important reason
important reform
important resource
important role
important role
important role
important sector
important source
important source (of sth)
important staple
important subsector
important task
important waterway
import bill
import competition
import controls
import credit
import duty
imported energy
imported finished car
imported foods
imported goods
imported goods
imported goods
imported labor
imported parts
imported petroleum
imported raw materials
imported wheat
import firm
importing license
import license
import license
import licensing
import permit
import policy
import quota
import restrictions
import restrictions
import shop
import source
import source
import substitutio
import substitution
import substitution industrialization, ISI
import tax
import volume
impressive achievement
impressive benefits
impressive expansion
impressive rate
impressive result
improper accounting
improved irrigation
improved literacy
improved living standards
improved management
improved tax collection
improved technique
improvement in agricultural output
improvement in productivity
improvement of foreign inventions
improvement of labor conditions
improvement of personal income
improving relations
imprted rice
inaccessible area
inaccessible area
inadequate compensation
inadequate infrastructure
inadequate infrastructure
inadequate investment
inadequate natural resources
inadequate natural resources
inadequate pension income
inadequate service
inadequate transportation facilities
incentive payment
incentive system
inclined gallery
income-induced rise in demand
income-tax rates
income distribution
income distribution
income fluctuation
income gap
income gap
income gap
income gap
income growth
income inequality
income payment
income per capita
income policy
income support
income support
income tax
income transfer
incoming administration
incomparable source (of)
incomplete information
increace of energy prices
increaded production
increased demand
increased difficulties
increased expenditures
increased importance
increased indebtedness
increased involvement
increased level
increased output
increased productivity
increased rate
increased salinity
increased supplies
increased volume
increased wage
increase in exports
increase in exports
increase in imports
increase in imports
increase in investment
increase in oil prices
increase in popiulation
increase in productivity
increase in revenues
increase in yields
increase of GDP
increasing attention
increasing availability
increasing competition
increasing concentration
increasing desertification
increasing exports
increasing exports
increasing importance
increasing mechanization
increasing number
increasing population
increasing pressure
increasing rate
increasing reliance (on)
increasing salinity
independent action
independent analysis
independent analyst
independent company
independent decision maker
independent decision making
independent decision making
independent director
independent federation
independent firm
independent labor union, independent labour union
independent producer
independent research
independent shareholder
independent trade union
independent trade union
indepth study
indigenous people
indigenous variety
indirect access
indirect contribution
indirect control
indirect influence
indirect investment
indirect involvement
indirect participation
indirect result
indirect taxation
individual deposits
individual evaluation
individual income tax
individual ownership
individual ownership
individual ownership of land
industrial activity
industrial behemoth
industrial branch
industrial build-up
industrial capacity
industrial capacity
industrial capital
industrial center, industrial centre
industrial center, industrial centre
industrial center, industrial centre
industrial cluster
industrial company
industrial complex
industrial consumption
industrial credit
industrial crop
industrial crop
industrial demands
industrial development
industrial development
industrial diversification
industrial economy
industrial efficiency
industrial employee
industrial energy
industrial enterprise
industrial expansion
industrial expansion
industrial expansion
industrial expert
industrial export
industrial exports
industrial feield
industrial firm
industrial goods
industrial growht
industrial infrastructure
industrial inputs
industrial integration
industrial investment
industrial investment
industrial investment
industrialization drive
industrialized country
industrialized nation
industrialized nation
industrial land
industrial leaders
industrial locaton
industrial manufacturer
industrial map
industrial materials
industrial materials
industrial model
industrial nation
industrial nation
industrial organization
industrial output
industrial output
industrial output
industrial output
industrial park
industrial performance
industrial plant
industrial plant
industrial plant
industrial policy
industrial polluter
industrial pollution
industrial pollution
industrial process
industrial product
industrial product
industrial product
industrial product
industrial productin
industrial productivity
industrial project
industrial region
industrial robot
industrial sector
industrial selection
industrial stagnation
industrial structure
industrial structure
industrial success
industrial technology
industrial technology
industrial times
industrial use
industrial vehicle
industrial vehicles
industrial venture
industrial wage
industrial work
industrial work force
industrial zone
industry association
industry complex
industry development
industry expert
industry ministry (Algeria)
ineffective policy
inefficient bureaucracy
inefficient farm
inefficient industry
inefficient mine
inefficient public enterprises
inefficient sector
inefficient system
inegalitarian policy
inexhaustible resources
inexpensive shoes
inexpensive vacations
infertile soil
inflationary expectations
inflationary pressure
inflationary pressure
inflationary spiral
inflation expectations
inflation expectations
inflation level
inflation target
inflation target
inflation targeting
inflow of foreign funds
inflow of foreign investment
influence peddling
influential adviser
influential labor union
informal connection
informal economy
informal gift
informal payment
informal process
informal sector
informal sector
informal sector
information-based economy
information and communications technology, ICT
information and communications technology sector, ICT sector
information processing
infrastructural additions
infrastructural expansion
infrastructural improvement
infrastructure development
infrastructure gap
infrastructure gap
infrastructure investment
infrastructure project
infrastructure project
infusion of aid
inhabited area
inheritance of property
inheritance tax
initial capital
initial capital stock
initial public offerings, IPO
inland lake
inland sea
inland waterway
inland waterway
innovative country
input prices
input shortage
insecurity of property
insignificant impact
insolvent enterprise
inspection certificate
installed capacity
installed electricity capacity
institutional change
institutional collapse
institutional factor
institutional framework
institutional investor
institutionalized practice, institutionalised practice
institutional measures
Institutional Revolutionary Part (Mexico)
institutional strength
institutional uncertainty
institution building
instrument of enforcement
insufficient incentives
insufficient measures
insurance company
insurance firm
insurance services
insurance system
intangible benefit
integral element
integrated alliance
integrated plant
integrated platform
integrated policy
integrated solution
integration project
integration scheme
intellectual property protection
intellectual property rights
intellectuel property
intense bargaining
intense competition
intense interaction
intense pressure
intensification of agriculture
intensification of cultivation
intensified competition
intensifying competition
intensive application (of sth)
intensive cultivation
intensive cultivation
intensive farming
intensive restructuring
interbank money market
intercity route
intercity transport
intercontinental flow
interest-rate changes
interest payments
interest payments
interest rate
interlinked components
interlinked issues
interlocking relationships
intermediary level
intermediate goods
intermediate goods
internal component
internal debt
internal demand
internal demand
internal stabilization, internal stabilisation
internal trade
internal trade
internal travel
internal turmoil
international activities
international aid
international aid
international airline
international assistance
International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA
international bank
international bank
international banking
international bidder
international bid round
international brand
international business
international call
international capital market
international capital market
international commerce
international commodity prices
international community
international community
international competition
international competitive advantage
international competitiveness
international concerns
international conflict
international corporation
international creditor
international creditor
international criticism
international destination
international destination
international donor
international economics
international economy
international economy
International Egyptian Oilfield Company, IEOC
international expertise
international exporter
international fair
international finance
international force
international front
international gateway
international gateway
international implications
international institute
international institution
international institution
international interests
international investment
international investor
international law
international leadership
international link
internationally accepted standards
international market
international market prices
international market rates
International Monetary Fund
international navigation
international network
international oil company, IOC
international opprobrium
International Organization for Migration
international partner
international position
international position
international poverty line
international price
international price of oil
international quota
international rail link
international relations
international reserves
international reserves
international reserves
international reserves
international source
international strategy
international system
international telecommunication
international telecommunications
international telecommunications
international trade
international traffic
international traffic
international transaction
international transaction
International Whaling Commision
Internet access
Internet broadband services
Internet cafe, Internet caf����¯�¿�½������©, cyber cafe, cyber caf����¯�¿�½������©
Internet service
Internet service provider
Internet service providing
Internet usage
Internet user
interregional commerce
interregional transport
intervention in the economy
interwar period
intraurban railroad system
investment atmosphere
investment bank
investment calculations
investment climate
investment climate
investment climate
investment climate
investment code
investment company
investment costs
investment credit
investment decision
investment drive
investment environment
investment environment
investment flows
investment flows
investment fund
investment funds
investment group
investment group
investment incentives
investment infrastructure
investment in infrastructure
investment in infrastructure
investment in technology
investment law
investment law
investment law
investment law
investment money
investment monies
investment monies
investment network
investment outlay
investment outlay
investment partner
investment plan
investment planning
investment policy
investment policy
investment procedures
investment program
investment project
investment protection
investment regulations
investment regulations
investment returns
investment share (of)
investment strategy
investment surplus
investment trust
investor confidence
investor confidence
investors' confidence
invisible items
involuntary moratorium
IPO activity
iron complex
iron ore
iron ore
iron ore deposits
iron ship
irregular payment
irreversible slide
irrigated area
irrigated land
irrigation facilities
irrigation management
irrigation method
irrigation project
irrigation scheme
irrigation system
irrigation system
irrigation system
irrigation technique
irrigation water
irrigation water
irrigation water
irrigation works
Islamic banking
Islamic country
Islamic inheritance laws
Islamic investment
Islamic law
Islamic party
Islamist terrorist
island country
island nation
isolated country
isolated sector
jagged peaks
Japan Airlines, JAL
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Japan Business Federation, Nippon Keidanren (Japan)
Japan Confederation of Labor, Domei
Japan Development Bank
Japan Development Bank
Japanese amberjack
Japanese National Railways
Japanese Private Sector Trade Union Confederation, RENGO
Japanese rice
Japanese Trade Union Confederation
Japan Export-Import Bank
Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO (Japan)
Japan Federation of Economic Organization, Keidanren (Japan)
Japan Federation of Employers' Association, Nikkeiren (Japan)
Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise
Japan Post Bank
Japan Railways Group, JR Group
Japan Tobacco and Salt Corporation
jet aircraft
jet engine
jet fuel
jihadi fighter
job allocation
job assignment
job creaton
joblessness figure
job market
job market
job offer
job offer letter
job redistribution
job requirements
job security
job security
job security
job seeker
jobseeking graduate
job vacancy
joint-stock company
joint-stock company
joint-venture contract
joint banking venture
joint committee
joint company
jointly owned company
joint production
joint project
joint stock company
joint venture
joint venture bank
joint venture bank
joint venture entity
joint venture project
judicial reform
judicial reform
judicial system
jump in prices
justice minister
keiretsu system
key actor
key challenge
key commodity
key concern
key enterprise
key ingredient
key market
key raw material
key reform
key role
key sector
key stakeholder
knock-on effect
knowledge-intensive industry
known deposits
known natural-gas reserves
known petroleum reserves
known resource base
labor-displacing mechanization
labor-intensive crop
labor-intensive export
labor-intensive industry
labor-management relations
labor-management relations, labour-management relations
labor action, labour action
labor costs, labour costs
labor credit association
labor discipline
labor dispute
labor emigration
labor federation
labor federation
labor federation
labor force
labor force participation
labor input
labor law
labor law, labour law
labor legislation, labour legislation
labor market
labor market efficiency, labour market efficiency
labor market trends
labor movement
labor organization
labor organization
labor organization, labour organization
labor problems
labor productivity
labor productivity
labor productivity
labor reform, labour reform
labor regulations
labor relations
labor relations
labor relations
labor relations
labor reserves
labor shortage
labor skills
labor standards
labor standards
labor strike
labor time
labor underemployment, labour underemployment
labor union
labor union, labour union
labor union cooperation
labor union movement
lackluster performance
lack of arable land
lack of capital investment
lack of coordination
lack of data
lack of demand
lack of drainage
lack of equipment
lack of expertise
lack of expertise
lack of forests
lack of industrialization
lack of investment
lack of investment
lack of legitimacy
lack of opportunities
lack of qualifications
lack of raw materials
lack of success
lack of worker incentive
lagging output
lagoon area
lake ferry
Lake Nasser
land-distribution program
land-privatization program
land-reform program
land-use charges
land-use rights
land acquisition
land acquisition
land area
land area
land area
land commission
land conditions
land consolidation
land control
land degradation
land dispute
land distribution
land distribution
land division
landed artistocracy
landfall station
land for industrial purposes, foncier industriel
land fragmentation
land fragmentation
landholdings of religious institutions
landing gear
land irrigation
land law
land law
land leasing
landless agricultural laborers, landless agricultural labourers
landless family
landless laborer, landless labourer
landless peasant
land line
landownership rights
land prices
land privatization
land recipient
land reclamation
land reclamation
land redistribution
land reform bill
land reform program
land registry
land sale
land sales
land seizure
land tenure
land title
land transfer
land transfer
land transport
land under cultivation
land use
land use planning
large-scale agriculture
large-scale borrowing
large-scale cultivation
large-scale firm
large-scale imports
large-scale industry
large-scale investment
large-scale mining
large-scale privatization
large-scale program
large-scale project
large-scale reforestation
large aircraft
large company
large company
large corporation
large enterprise
large increase
large landed estate
large landowner
large majority
large market
large population
Latin American country
Latin American nation
launch vehicle
law-enforcement problem
law and order
LCD module
LCD panel
LCD television
leading company
leading company
leading company
leading exporter
leading industry
leading manufacture
leading port
leading producer
leading sector
leading technologies
leadng intellectual
leasing company
leather enterprise
leather product
LED panel
LED television
left-hand traffic
leftist rhetoric
legal control
legal framework
legal provisions
legal services
legal stranglehold
legal system
legislative change
legislative reform
legitimate sale
leisure-time facilities
leisure industry
lender of last resort
lending criteria
lending decision
lending establishment
lending policy
lengthy recession
lenient agreement
level of corruption
level of development
level of quality
level of reserves
liberalization measure
liberalization measures
liberalization of imports
liberalization of trade
liberalization process, liberalisation process
liberalized system
license award
license fee
license requirements
licensing agreement
licensing body
licensing requirement
licensing requirements
licensing round
licensing round
lifeblood of the economy
life expectancy
life insurance
life of leisure
life sciences
lifetime employment
lifting of controls (on)
light airplane
light bulb
light industry
light industry branch
light industry sector
light manufactures
light propeller airplane
light tools
limestone peak
limestone quarrying
limited-access toll road
limited ability
limited access
limited amount
limited area
limited availability
limited availability
limited capacity
limited capacity
limited capacity
limited capacity
limited capital
limited convertibility
limited economic opportunity
limited education
limited knowledge
limited logging
limited productivity
limited reform
limited reforms
limited resources
limited scope
limit on subsidies
linear trend
line assembly
lines of authority
liquefied natural gas
liquefied natural gas, LNG
liquidity ratio
liquid natural gas, LNG
liquid shares
listed company
literacy rate
literate labor force
literate work force
lively black market
livestock collectivization
livestock feed
livestock herds
livestock herds
livestock operation
livestock population
livestock product
livestock production
livestock raising
livestock raising
livestock supply
living allowance
living standards
loading facilities
loaf of bread
loan bank
loan commitment
loan guarantee
loan institution
loan portfolio
loan program
loan shark
local administration
local business
local call
local collective
local company
local company
local consumer
local consumption
local currency
local deposits
local development
local finance system
local goods
local goods
local government
local investment
local investor
local jurisdiction
local jurisdiction budget
local market
local official
local plant
local population
local population
local production
local program
local strain
local tax
local transportation
logging region
logging sector
logistical advantage
logistics expert
logistics management
logistics provider
long-distance call
long-distance fishery
long-established operator
long-range strategy
long-run income source
long-standing barrier
long-standing plan
long-staple cotton
long-term agreement
long-term commitment
long-term concern
long-term credit
long-term credit
long-term credit
long-term credit bank
long-term debt
long-term debt
long-term deposit
long-term goal
long-term interest rate
long-term investment
long-term investment fund
long-term lending
long-term loan
long-term plan
long-term plan
long-term plan
long-term planning
long-term policy
long-term potential
long-term process
long-term reduction
long coastline
longstanding commitment
long working hours
looming crisis
loose implementation (of)
losing firm
loss-generating enterprise
loss-generating state enterprise
loss of arable land
loss of crop
lost capacity
Lost Decade (Japan)
lost momentum
lost output
low-capital industry
low-coast loan
low-income consumer
low-income people
low-income worker
low-lying land
low-middle-income country
low-paid foreign worker
low-paying job
low-quality goods
low-wage country
low birthrate
low calorific value
lower classes
lower middle income
low gains
low income
low income country
low income level
low indebtedness
low inflation
low living standard
low mechanization
low paid job
low pay
low prestige
low price
low price
low procurement prices
low productivity
low productivity
low profitability
low quality
low quantity
low rate
low rate of growth
low salinity water
low skilled job
low standard of living
loyalty to the company
lubricating oil
lubrication-oil plant
lubrication oil
lucrative crop
lumber industry
lumber industry
lumber processing
lump-sum payment
lust for control
luxurious products
luxury goods
luxury hotel
machine-building industry
machine building
machine industry
machine tool
machine tractor station
macroeconomic balance
macroeconomic balance
macroeconomic coordination
macroeconomic efficiency
macroeconomic environment
macroeconomic factor
macroeconomic fundamentals
macroeconomic growth
macroeconomic growth
macroeconomic indicator
macroeconomic indicator
macroeconomic management
macroeconomic performance
macroeconomic policy
macroeconomic problem
macroeconomic restructuring
macroeconomic stability
macroeconomic stability
macroeconomic stability
macroeconomic stabilization
macroeconomic trend
macroeconomic trend
magnetic levitation
mail-order business
mail-order sales
main article
main barrier
main beneficiary
main budget
main casualties
main center, main centre
main city
main city
main conclusion
main constraints
main crop
main crop
main deposits
main element
main element
main export
main feature
main function
main function
main group
main hurdle
main import
main ingredient
main island
main lender
main line
main line
main line
main motivation
main objective
main partner
main plant
main port
main priority
main producer
main reason
main reservoir
main road
main route
main seaport
main source
main square
main station
main supplier
maintenance of growth
main trading partner
major actor
major airline
major airline
major airport
major bank
major bank
major bargaining
major base
major boost
major cause
major center, major centre
major challenge
major change
major city
major city
major city
major collapse
major company
major component
major concern
major construction
major contributor
major corporation
major corporation
major crop
major decision
major deposits
major destination
major development
major difficulty
major division
major economy
major employer
major enterprise
major exporter
major failure
major force
major force
major hub
major impact
major increase
major industry
major industry
major investment
major investor
major investor
major link
major livestock
major manufacturer
major manufactures
major market
major means of transportation
major motorway
major nationalization
major objective
major organization
major outputs
major partner
major partner
major player
major player
major port
major potential
major problem
major producer
major program
major project
major project
major ramification
major reason
major reason
major reform
major reform
major reform
major reorientation
major research
major responsibility
major restoration
major role
major scheme
major sector
major shift
major shift
major source (of sth)
major staple
major station
major sticking point
major stock exchange
major supplier
major trading partner
major trend
major waterway
makeshift accommodations
male worker
man's shirt
manageable problem
manageable protests
manageable tensions
managed decline
managed float exchange rate regime
Management and Coordination Agency (Japan)
management consulting
management decision
management decision
management institute
management mechanism
management method
management practices
management problem
management procedure
management project
management retiree
management solutions
management supervision
management technique
management trainee
managerial difficulty
managerial staff
managerial style
mandarin oranges
mandatory policy
mandatory quality
manga industry
manganese production
manual labor
manufactured exports
manufactured goods
manufactured goods
manufactured imports
manufactured products
manufacture of textiles
manufacturing center
manufacturing center, manufacturing centre
manufacturing economy
manufacturing enterprise
manufacturing enterprise
manufacturing establishment
manufacturing exports
manufacturing exports
manufacturing field
manufacturing firm
manufacturing firm
manufacturing firm
manufacturing industry
manufacturing investment
manufacturing operations
manufacturing output
manufacturing output
manufacturing output
manufacturing plant
manufacturing plant
manufacturing productivity
manufacturing sector
manufacturing sector
maquiladora company
maquiladora industry
maquiladora manufacturer
marathon bargaining
margarine plant
marginal activity
marginal operation
marginal rates
marine aquaculture
marine products
maritime cable
maritime fishing
maritime route
maritime route
marked-based economy
marked improvement
marked improvements
marked success
market-based mechanism
market-driven price hike
market-driven prices
market-oriented economy
marketable gas
market adjustment
market capitalization
market collapse
market commitment
market competition
market conditions
market determined prices
market development
market disruption
market factors
market failure
market force
market forces
market forces
marketing decisions
marketing efforts
marketing network
marketing skills
marketing system
market leader
market mechanism
market price
market principles
market reform
market restrictions
market saturation
market share
market share
market size
market swing
market value
married son
marshy land
mass-produced vehicle
mass consumption
mass exodus
massive borrowing
massive capital flight
massive deposits
massive imports
massive increase
massive inflow
massive loan
massive slaughter
massive unemployment
mass producer
mass protest
mass transit
material assistance
material inputs
material inputs
material prices
material wealth
maximum competitiveness
maximum limit
maximum rates
maximum size
May day
meager investment
meager reserves
meagre deposits
meagre response
meaningful role
means of production
means of subsistance
mean wage
meat consumption
meat rationing
meat shortage
mechandise imports
mechanical plowing
mechanical threshing
mechanical transplanting
mechanization process
mechanized agriculture
mechanized farm
mechanized task
median age
medical cause
medical equipment
medical facilities
medical opportunities
medical product
medical treatment
medieval social structure
Mediterranean climate
Mediterranean shelf
medium-sized boat
medium-sized business
medium-sized farmer
medium-sized firm
medium-sized firm
medium-size farmer
medium-term debt
medium-term strategy
medium-wave system
medium development
medium enterprise
medium private business
megawatt hour
Meiji period
Meiji Restoration
membership negotiations
member state
memorandum of understanding
memorandum of understanding, MoU
men's apparel
men's clothing
men's shoes
mental work
merchandise expoert
merchandise exporter
merchandise exports
merchandise importer
merchandise trade
merchant association
merchant fleet
merchant marine
merchant ship
merit allowance
metal-barred window
metal-bearing ores
metallic mineral deposits
metallic ore
metallurgical industry
metallurgical plant
metal ores
metal products
metalworking machinery
metric ton
metropolitan area
metropolitan area
metropolitan area
metropolitan area
metropolitan center
metropolitan region
metropolitan region
Mexican Miracle
Mexican peso
Mexican Revolution
microeconomic problem
microwave circuit
mid-year budget
middle-class household
middle-income people
middle class
middle class
Middle East
middle management
Middle Miocene layers
middle strata
midle-class lifestyle
mighty river
migrant worker
migrant worker
mild economic slump
mild growth
mild progress
militaristic system
militarized zone
military-dominated government
military branch
military coup
military debt
military development
military expenditures
military factory
military force
military loans
military officer
military power
military procurement
military sector
military tribunal
military vehicle
milk cow
milk production
millenarian tradition
milling products
mill town
mine closure
mineral-extraction sector
mineral concession
mineral deposits
mineral deposits
mineral deposits
mineral deposits
mineral extraction
mineral extraction industry
mineral processing
mineral reserves
mineral resources
mineral resources
minerals processing
mineral wealth
mineral wealth
mine waste
minimal output
minimal production
minimal standards
minimal support
minimum amount
minimum limit
minimum spending
minimum wage
minimum wage
mining area
mining company
mining deposits
mining industry
mining method
mining operations
mining product
mining production
mining region
mining sector
mining technique
mining wage
minister for industry and mining (Algeria)
ministerial decree
minister of agriculture
Minister of Economic Development (Egypt)
minister of food and supply (Egypt)
minister of foreign affairs
Minister of Industry and Mines (Algeria)
minister of interior and local authorities (Algeria)
minister of petroleum
minister of tourism
minister of tourism
minister of trade
ministry of agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture (Egypt)
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)
Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing (Algeria)
ministry of commerce (Algeria)
Ministry of Commerce (Algeria)
ministry of communal economy (Albania)
ministry of construction (Albania)
Ministry of Construction (Japan)
ministry of domestic trade (Albania)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan, 2001)
ministry of education (Albania)
ministry official
ministry of finance
Ministry of Finance (Egypt)
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Mexico)
ministry of foreign economic relations (Albania)
ministry of foreign trade
ministry of health (Albania)
Ministry of Health and Welfare (Japan)
ministry of industry
Ministry of International Trade and Industry, MITI (Japan)
ministry of light industry (Albania)
Ministry of Manpower and Trade Unions (Egypt)
Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (Egypt)
Ministry of Planning (Egypt)
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Japan)
Ministry of Transportation
ministry of transportation
minor activity
minor amount
minority stake
minor partner
minor position
minor trading partner
minuscule base
minuscule middle class
minuscule tariff
mirror image
misallocation of resources
mismanaged expansion
mistaken effort
mixed economy
mobile-phone subscription
mobile phone
mobile phone network
mobile phone service
mobile phone service network
mobile phone user
mobile telephony
moderate growth
moderate growth
moderate growth
moderate increase
moderate Islamic party
moderate poverty
moderate price
moderate trend
modern architecture
modern banking
modern capitalism
modern city
modern drilling
modern economy
modern equipment
modern factory
modern farm
modern history
modern industry
modern industry
modern infrastructure
modern inputs
modern irrigation
modernization of agriculture
modernization of industry
modernization of the tax system
modernized system
modernizing process
modern machinery
modern machines
modern management
modern manufacturing
modern port
modern science
modern technique
modern technique
modern use
modest aim
modest goal
modest growth
modest growth
modest income
modest inflation
modest sum
modest surplus
mom-and-pop store
monetary aggregates
monetary base
monetary discipline
monetary discipline
monetary law
monetary policy
monetary policy
monetary policy
monetary policy
monetary policy
monetary restraint
monetary stimulus
monetary system
monetary unit
money-chaning services
money-losing enterprise
money-losing firm
money-losing state farm
money-saving measure
money dealer
money laundry
money lender
money market
money market
money supply
money supply
money supply
monitoring entity
monopoly controlled products
monopoly corporation
monopoly enterprise
monopoly on trade
monthly auction
monthly income
monthly inflation
monthly pay
monthly rent
monthly report
moribund economy
moribund factory
mortgage bank
mortgage law
mortgage market
most-favored-nation status
most-favored-nation treatment
motor giant
motorized barge
motorized country
motor traffic
motor vehicle
motor vehicle
motor vehicle
motor vehicle tax
motorway network
mountain area
mountain area
mountain area
mountainous area
mountainous area
mountainous area
mountainous island
mountainous island
mountainous nation
mountainous region
mountainous terrain
mountainous terrain
mountain range
mountain region
mountain village
mounting criticism
mounting debt
mounting debt
mounting deficit
mounting deficit
mounting dissent
mounting pressure
movement of goods
movement of goods
movement of people
moving platform
multi-business platform
multibranched industry
multidimensional poverty method
multilateral agency
multilateral agency
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
multilateral organization
multilateral organization
multinational company
multinational conglomerate
multinational corporation
multinational force
multiple-span bridge
multiple cropping
multiple cropping
multiple exchange-rate system
multiplying number
multirate exchange system
municipal market
music market
music subsidiary
mutual fund
mutual fund
mutual loan
mutual loan
mutually suspicious adversaries
mutual savings bank
nagging problem
narrow belt
narrow floodplain
narrow gauge
narrow plain
narrow ribbon
narrow road
nascent market
nascent nationalism
nascent sector
National Action Party (Mexico)
national airline
national airline
National Assembly (Egypt)
National Bank of Albania
National Bank of Egypt, NBE
national brand
national budget
national call
national charter
national company
National Confederation of Trade Unions, Zenroren (Japan)
national consensus
National Council for Production and Economic Affairs (Egypt)
national currency
national debt
national deficiencies
National Diet (Japan)
national economy
national economy
national federation
national federation
National Federation of Industrial Organizations, Shinsanbetsu (Japan)
National Federation of Private Sector Unions, Rengo (Japan)
National Finance Bank, Nacional Financiera, Nafinsa (Mexico)
national goal
national goal
national income
national income
national income
national income statistics
national industry
national industry
national infrastructure
National Institute of Statistics, INSTAT, Albanoa
nationalized bank
nationalized factory
National Land Commission (Albania)
National Liberation Front, FLN (Algeria)
national logistics
national motivation
National Office of Statistics, Office national des statistiques (Algeria)
national organization
national panorama
national park
national plan
National Planning Committee (Egypt)
national policy making
national poverty line
national press
national program
national reserve bank
national revolutioon
national sovereignty
National Space Development Agency (Japan)
national spending
National Statistics Office (Algeria)
national status
National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, NTRA (Egypt)
national total
national well-being
natural-gas production
natural-gas reserves
natural asphalt
natural bitumen
natural choice
natural curiosity
natural difficulty
natural enemy
natural fertilization
natural gas
natural gas consumtion
natural gas discovery
natural gas distribution
natural gas facility
natural gas field
natural gas field
natural gas output
natural gas output
natural gas producer
natural gas production
natural gas production
natural gas production
natural growth
natural harbour
natural market
natural partner
natural protection
natural resources exploitation
natural wealth
nautical mile
navigable canal
navigable waterway
navigation canal
near-term prospects
near future
necessary adaptation
necessary inputs
necessary shift
necessary supply chain
necessities of life
needed energy
need for energy
need for meat
need for reform
need for reform
need for restrucruting
negative consequence
negative effect
negative impact
negative impact
negative rate
negative side
negative tendency
negative terms of trade
neglected region
negligible amount
negligible debt
negligible fraction
negligible growth
negligible percentage
neighboring country
neighboring country, neighbouring country
neoliberal capitalism
neoliberal reform
neologistic lexicon
neophyte entrepreneur
net acquisition
net assets
net borrowing
net capital
net capital inflow
net decline
net domestic credit
net exporter
net exporter
net exporter
net exports
net foreign direct investment
net importer
net importer
net importer
net importer
net imports
net material product
net result
net revenue
net surplus
net tonnage
net trade balance
net trade balance forecast
network of relations
network of sewers
net worth
new car
new era
new order
new peso
news agency
newspaper employee
next-generation fighter aircraft
nickel output
Nikkei 225
Nile Basin Agreement
Nile Delta
Nile Valley
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, NTT (Japan)
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
nitrate fertilizer
nitrogen fertilizer
nitrogen fertilizers
noise barriers
nominal compensation
nominal depreciation
nominal exchange rate
nominal fee
nominal GDP
nominal GNP
nominal increase
nominal interest rates
nominal interest rates
nominal rates
nominal wage
non-conventional resource
non-hydrocarbon exports
non-hydrocarbons exports
non-oil exports
non-oil industries
non-performing loan
non-petroleum products
non-working age population
nonoil exports
nonperforming loan
nonpolluting energy source
normal depreciation
normalization of relations
normal level
normal price
normal rate
normal wage
normative framework
North African nation
North African state
North American Agreement for Environmental Cooperation, NAAEC
North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation, NAALC
North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, NACEC
North American Development Bank, NADBank
North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA
notable company
notable exception
notable feature
notable portion
notable success
noteworthy theory
noxious gases
nuclear deal
nuclear disaser
nuclear energy
nuclear fuel
Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, NPT
nuclear power
nuclear power generation
nuclear power generation
nuclear power plant
nuclear power plant
nuclear power program
nuclear reactor
nuclear reactor
nuclear technology
nuclear waste
nuclear waste disposal
number of landlines
number of visitors
oak tree
oasis town
observed inflation
observer member
obsolete equipment
obsolete equipment
obsolete law
obsolete machinery
obsolete network
obvious link
occupational accident
occupational category
occupational death
occupational structure
occupational structure
occupational sudden death
occupation forces
occupying forces
ocean-going ship
ocean-going vessel
ocean-going warship
ODM manufacture
ODM manufacturing
OEM manufacture
OEM manufacturing
off-budget subsidies
off-peak hours
offensive military force
office building
office lady
Office of the Prime Minister
office worker
office worker
official appeal
official banking channels
official credit
official creditor
official daily
official exchange channels
official exchange rate
official explanation
official inventory
official job
official leader
official level
officially set price
official market
official network
official organization
official overvaluation of the national currency
official parlance
official policy
official policy
official policy
official prise
official quota
official rate
official route
official scrutity
official statistics
official statistics
official statistics
official study
official transfer
offshore field
offshore fishery
offshore fishing
offshore prospecting
oil-dependent state
oil-extraction plant
oil-powered station
oil-producing state
oil-refinery unit
oil-reliant economy
oil-rich state
oil boom
oil company
oil consumption
oil consumption
oil counter-shock
oil crisis
oil crisis
oil crisis
oil curse
oil deposits
oil discovery
oil discovery
oil dividends
oil drilling
oil equivalent
oil expert
oil exploitation
oil exploration
oil exports
oil field
oil field
oil find
oil fund
oil glut
oil importer
oil income
oil income
oil industry workers
oil market
oil money
oil pipeline
oil pipeline
oil price crash
oil price drop
oil price drop
oil price fall
oil price rise
oil prices
oil prices drop
oil price shock
oil producer
oil product
oil production
oil project
oil receipts
oil refinery
oil refinery
oil reserves
oil riches
oil riches
oil shipment
oil shock
oil substitute
oil substitute
oil trade surplus
oil well
old order
olive-oil plant
olive oil
olive oil production
one-stop-shop, guichet unique
onerous procedures
ongoing concerns
ongoing expansion (of)
ongoing negotiations
ongoing project
online commerce
onshore field
onshore oil reserves
onshore oil reserves
onshore prospecting
opaque legal framework
open-top car
open access (to)
open letter
openness to imports
open technology
operating costs
operating license
operational expenses
operational responsibilities
operational unity
operative market
operator assistance
opponents of privatization
opportunity for promotion
opposite direction
opposition movement
opposition party
opposition party
optical disk drive
optical fibers
optical instruments
optical media
oral amendment
orange drink
order of importance
ordinary business
ordinary citizen
ordinary deposit
ordinary people
organic fertilizer
organic materials
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD
Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC
organized activity
organized labor
original budget
original name
original plan
orthodox Stalinist
Osaka Stock Exchange (Japan)
Osaka Stock Exchange (Japan)
outdated equipment
outlying areas
outmoded sector
outmoded system
output figures
output increase
output prices
output target
output target
output value
outright defiance
outside aid
outside auditor
outside world
outstanding debts
outstanding feature
outstanding feature
outstanding loans
outstanding shares
over-the-counter transaction
overall average
overall benefits
overall collapse
overall consumption
overall debt
overall decline
overall deficit
overall deficit
overall deficit
overall economy
overall economy
overall growth
overall growth
overall labor force
overall length
overall picture
overall production
overall production
overall production
overall proportion
overall revenues
overall value of exports
overexploitation of forests
overloading of circuits
overseas activity
overseas branch
overseas facilities
overseas firm
overseas form
overseas investment
overseas route
overseas sales
oversight agency
overvalued currency
overvalued currency
overvalued currency
ownership of land
ownership requirement
ownership rights
ownership title
pace of reform
Pact for Economic Stability and Growth, PECE (Mexico)
paid holidays
paid vacation
painstaiking investment
painstaking investment
paint factory
pair of shoes
paper industry
paper products
parallel increase
parallel market
paralysis in production
paralyzed economy
paralyzed industry
parasite single
parent company
parent corporation
Paris Club
park bench
parliamentary agreement
parliamentary debate
part-time activity
part-time employee
part-time farmer
part-time worker
partial control
partial control
partial planning
partial success
participation rate
participation rate
participation rate
part maker
party bureaucrat
party elite
party hard-liner
party leader
party official
party post
party zealot
passenegr traffic
passenegr transit
passenger airplane
passenger airport
passenger air transport
passenger port
passenger rail network
passenger service
passenger service
passenger transportation
passenger travel
passenger travel
passenger volume
passing bay
passive state
pasta factory
pasture enterprise
pasture land
pasture land
patent application
patent dispute
patent filing
patent purchases
patriarchal social structure
patriotic duty
paucity of capital
paved road
paved runway
paving material
pay cut
pay hike
paying job
payment amount
payment in cash
payment problem
payment system
pay rise
peace accord
peace treaty
peak demand
peak depreciation
peak hours
peak level
peak period
peak year
peasant family
peasant farm
peasant incomes
peasant rebellion
peasant resistance
pedestrian traffic
peeled tomatoes
peg exchange rate
pension benefits
pension income
pension reform
People's Assembly
People's Assembly (Egypt)
people's council
per capital annual meat consumption
per capital consumption of electricity
per capital GDP
per capital GNP
per capita telephone ownership
percentage point
perceptible change
perennial irrigation
perfectionist sentiment
period of decline
period of payments
period of recovery
period of stagnation
perishable goods
Permanent Council for National Production, PCNP (Egypt)
permanent cropland
permanent employee
permanent employment
permanent follow-up
permanent headquarters
permanent meadows
permanent pastureland
permanent pastureland
permanent solution
permanent staff
permanent vegetation
Persian Gulf
persistent high inflation
persistent pattern
persistent shortage
personal attitude
personal computer
personal income
personal income
personal income
personal income
personal income surtax
personal income tax
personal income taxes
personal initiative
personal plot (of land)
personal responsibility
personal safety
personal savings
personal tax
personal tax rates
personnel costs
personnel management
pervasive controls
pervasive influence
pessimistic report
pest-control program
pest-resistant variety
pest control
pesticide plant
pesticide reserves
petrochemical industry
petrochemical industry
petrochemical product
petroleum company
petroleum discovery
petroleum enterprise
petroleum exploration
petroleum exploration
petroleum exports
petroleum extraction
petroleum industry
petroleum plant
petroleum price increase
petroleum production
petroleum production
petroleum receipts
petroleum refinery
petroleum reserves
petroleum revenues
petroleum sales
petroleum subsidy
petty corruption
pharmaceutical company
pharmaceutical product
pharmaceutical product
pharmaceutical production
pharmaceutical research
pharmaceuticals industry
pharmaceuticals plant
pharmaceuticals production
phased program
phenomenal growth
phone line
phone subscription
phosphate deposits
phosphate exports
phosphate fertilizer
phosphate plant
physical capital
physical labor
physical output
physical size
pigment factory
pilot farm
pilot well
pink-meat fish
pink collar tasks
pipeline network
piscine resources
plan fulfillment
plan instructions
planned rise
planning effort
planning mechanism
planning period
planning priorities
plan objective
plan period
plan target
plan target
plan task
plant breeding
plant breeding
plant closure
plant closure
plant industry
plant shutdown
plastic greenhouse
plastics-fabrication facility
plate glass
plausible scenario
plentiful resources
plentiful water
plot of land
plot size
plunge in oil prices
plunge in oil prices
plunging of revenues
point of contention
point of view
poisonous gas
police agency
policy change
policy makers
policy measure
policy mix
policy of privatization
policy of self-sufficiency
policy of subsidies
policy recommendations
policy reform
policy reorientation
political activity
political alliance
political change
political consequences
political considerations
political considerations
political decision
political domain
political economy
political economy
political effect
political engagement
political evolution
political fabric
political force
political front
political influence
political instability
political instability
political instability
political instability
political instability
political interests
political issue
political leadership
political life
politically motivated subsidies
political movement
political necessity
political party
political peace
political polarization
political power
political pressure
political problem
political project
political repression
political repression
political risk
political stability
political stability
political structure
political system
political tensions
political tensions
political tool
political transition
political uncertainty
political uncertainty
political unrest
political will
polluted water
pollution-control standards
pollution control
pollution problem
pollution reduction
poor condition
poor enforcement
poor enforcement (of)
poor environment
poor environ����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½?����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¹ment
poor infrastructure
poor infrastructure
poor labor discipline
poor living standards
poorly marked road
poor method
poor mining
poor nation
poor network
poor organization
poor performance
poor quality
poor quality
poor salary
poor soil
poor track record (on)
poor village
poor weather
poor worker motivation
poor yield
popular acceptance
popular belief
popular consultation
popular destination
popular discontent
popular opposition
popular opposition
popular revolt
popular unrest
popular unrest
popular uprising
popular visited place
populated area
population's demands
population below poverty line
population density
population distribution
population growth
population increase
population size
portable heater
port city
port efficiency
port facilities
port facilities
portfolio investment
portfolio of clients
port of entry
position of power
positive balance of trade
positive consequence
positive development
positive effect
positive growth
positive impact
positive implications
positive job creation
positive rate of growth
positive reinforcement
post-industrial economy
postal savings
postal savings system
postal service
postal services
postcommunist period
post office
postwar era
postwar generation
postwar period
postwar period
postwar reconstruction
postwar rule
potato farm
potato production
potential change
potential foreign investors
potential for tourism
potential growth
potential investor
potential opportunity
potential profits
potential rise
potential tourist area
potential viability
poultry farm
poultry industry
poultry production
poverty alleviation
poverty assessment
poverty line
poverty line
poverty map
poverty prospects
poverty rate
powder station
powedered milk
power-based industry
power-distribution network
power capacity
power company
power consumption
power cut
powerful nation
powerful strategy
powerful union
power generation
power grid
power industry
power of auditors
power production
power shortage
power struggle
power system
power system
power tariffs
power utilities
practical solution
pragmatic policy
pre-industrial technology
precarious conditions
precious land
precious metal
precipitation pattern
precipitous drop (in)
precipitous terrain
precision-tool factory
precision equipment
precision goods
precision instrument
precision tools
precooked food
predatory administration
predetermined amount
predetermined sum
prefabricated cement bunker
prefabricated concrete structure
prefabricated structure
preferable treatment
preferential tariff rate
preliminary exploration
presidential administration
presidential candidate
presidential election
presidential mandate
Presidium of the People's Assembly
press conference
press reports
pressure on prices
prestigious store
prevalent crop
prevalent practice
prevention of floods
prewar period
price adjustment
price basket
price ceiling
price ceiling
price collapse
price competitiveness
price control
price control
price control
price control
price crasg
price cut
price deflation
price distortion
price fall
price fluctuation
price freeze
price hike
price hike
price increase
price increase
price increase
price index
price inflation
price instability
price issue
price level
price liberalization
price liberalization
price mechanism
price movements
price of crude oil
price of oil
price regulation
price restriction
price rise
price slump
prices of essential goods
price stability
price stability
price stability
price stability
price subsidies
price subsidy
price support
price support
price tag
price war
pricing edge
pricing policy
pricing policy
pricing structure
pricing system
pricing system
primary activities
primary dealer
primary energy
primary export
primary industries
primary motivation
primary objective
primary product
primary source
prime minister
prime minister
principal airline
principal assets
Principal Bank for Development and Credit (Egypt)
principal beneficiary
principal canal
principal crop
principal crop
principal feature
principal import
principal industry
principal instrument
principal port
principal producer
principal raw material
principal reason
principal repayment
principal reserves
principle of self-reliance
printed circuit board
priority investment project
prison sentence
pristine beach
pristine seashore
private-secor imports
private-sector borrowing
private-sector confidence
private-sector employee
private-sector entrepreneur
private-sector participation
private-sector union
private-vehicle ownership
private activity
private airline
private bakery
private bakery
private bank
private banking system
private borrower
private broadcaster
private business
private businessman
private car
private commercial bank
private company
private construction
private construction firm
private consumer
private consumer prices
private consumption
private cooperation
private cooperative
private credit
private creditor
private employment
private entepreneur
private enterpreneurship
private enterprise
private enterprise
private entrepreneurship
private equity
private expenses
private farm
private farmer
private farmer
private farmer
private farmland
private financial assets
private financial institution
private firm
private herdsman
private holding
private housing
private incentives
private industry
private initiative
private initiative
private interests
private investment
private lending
private lending
private livestock
privately owned car
private market
private miller
private monopoly
private operator
private ownership
private person
private plant
private plot
private pockets
private property
private railway company
private restaurant
private retail outlet
private sale
private savings
private sector activity
private sector company
private sector consortium
private sector development
private sector employment
private sector involvement (in)
private store
private television broadcaster
private trade
private trader
private transport
private vehicle
private work
privatization measures, privatisation measures
privatization of transport
privatization opponents
privatization process, privatisation process
privatization program
privatization program
privatization scheme
privatized plot
privileged treatment
prized commodity
proactive policy
probationary period
problematic factor
probusiness policy
processed food
processed form
processed items
processing facilty
processing industry
processing plant
process of transition
procurement center, procurement centre
procurement crops
procurement price
procurement prices
produce market
producer-goods output
producer price
producer price
producing sector
product availability
product commercialization
product development
product diversification
production area
production base
production capacities
production capacity
production center
production center, production centre
production chain
production cooperative
production decisions
production drive
production estimate
production expansion
production facilities
production facility
production hub
production industry
production level
production level
production line
production line
production machinery
production method
production of electricity, electricity production
production of garments
production of minerals
production plant
production policy
production policy
production preparation
production quota
production rate
production sharing
production shortfall
production shortfall
production shutdown
production system
production target
production target
production value
production worker
productive agricultre
productive area
productive capacity
productive capacity
productive capacity
productive company
productive enterprise
productive enterprise
productive job
productive jobs
productive land
productive land
productive sector
productivity gain
productivity gains
productivity growth
productivity growth
productivity growth rate
productivity trend
product mix
product mix
product standards
professional entertainer
professional fisherman
professional group
professor in finance
professor of agriculture
profitability per man-hour
profitable business
profitable firm
profitable industry
profitable mark-up
profitable mine
profitable sector
profit margin
profit tax
profit transfers
profound change
profound effect
profound need
progressive rise
progressive system
progressive taxes
project delay
projected goal
projected inflation
prologed negotiations
prolonged draught
prolonged period (of)
prominent feature
prominent industry
promising project
promising sector
pronounced shift
propeller airplaine
property claim
property issue
property loan
property ownership
property rights
property tax
property tax
property tax
proposed change
proposed measure
proposed project
proposed reform
proposed technique
prosperous times
protected crop
protected sector
protection equipment
protectionist law
protectionist measure
protectionist policy
protection measure
protection rate
protective tariffs
protein-rich foods
protein intake
protracted confrontations
proven reserves
proven reserves
provincial governor
provisional government
provision of food to consumers
proximity to retirement
public-sector activity
public-sector deficit
public-sector employee
public-sector hiring
public-sector hiring freeze
public-sector management
public-sector predominance
public-sector revenue
public-sector spending
public-sector union
public-sector wages
public-works project
public accountability
public administration
public administration
public agency
public appeal
public appearance
public bailout
public bank
public board
public consumer
public consumption
public corporation
public corporation
public credit
public credit
public debate
public debt holders
public debt instrument
public debt stock
public employee
public employment office
public enterprise
public expenditure
public finances
public finances
public firm
public health
public housing
public industry
public interests
public investment
public investment
public investment
public lending
publicly provided goods
publicly provided services
public money
public official
public order
public organization
Public Organization for Agricultural Credits and Cooperatives (Egypt)
public park
public pension plan
public pressure
public prodject
public relations
public relations activities
public resources
public revenues
public savings
public scrutiny
public sector employee
public sector employee
public sector reform
public sector worker
public service
public service corporation
public spending
public spending
public subsidies
public transportation
public transportation
public utilities
public utilities
public works
public works
public works project
publishing center, publishing centre
pumped storage plant
pumping equipment
pumping station
punitive measure
purchase contract
purchases from abroad
purchasing power
purchasing power
purchasing power parity, PPP
purchasing power standards, PPS
pyramid of landownership
pyramid scheme
pyrophyllite clay
qualification for employment
qualifying match
qualitative control
quality assurance
quality control
quality control
quality objective
quality of investment
quality of land
quality of life
quality subcontracting
quantitative control
quantitative easing
quantitative growth
quantitative target
questionable success
quick adjustment
quick pace
quick profit
quick replenishment
quick response
radical change
radical departure (from sth)
radical initiative
radical reform
radical transformation
radio-relay link
radio broadcasting
radio facilities
radio interview
radio receiver
radio set
radio station
radio transmission
rail line
rail line
rail line
rail link
rail network
rail network
rail network
railraod system
railroad company
railroad embankment
railroad nationalization
railroad network
railroad station
railroad system
railroad track
rail system
rail transport
rail transport
rail transportation
rail transportation
rail transportation enterprise
railway bridge
railway company
railway company
railway company
railway network
railway operator
railway system
railway tunnel
Rally for Culture and Democracy
rampant theft
ranking officer
rapid advance
rapid assessment
rapid change
rapid decline
rapid decline
rapid depletion
rapid development
rapide rise
rapid expansion
rapid expansion
rapid expansion
rapid growth
rapid growth
rapid implementation
rapid increase
rapid increase
rapid industrialization
rapid pace
rapid population growth
rapid privatization
rapid promotion
rapid rate
rapid rate
rapid reduction
rapid rise
rapid rise
rapid success
rapid success
rare earths
rate of labor union membership
rate of return
rate of value-added taxes
rating agency
rating institution
rational investment
rationd food items
rationing system
raw cotton
raw goods
raw material
raw material exports
raw material imports
raw material prices
raw matierial prices
re-use of water
reactor failure
reading level
ready-made clothes
ready workforce
real asset
real change
real dimension
real estate
real estate activity
real estate organization
real estate prices
real estate values
real GDP
real GDP growth
real GDP growth
real interest rate
realistic prices
real price
real price
real resources
real value
real wages
real wages
reasonable demand
reasonable price
rebuilt industry
recent developments
recent information
recessionary period
reciprocal trade
reclaimable land
reclaimed area
reclaimed area
reclaimed lands
reclamation activity
recorded remittances
recorded transactions
record number
record salaries
recoverable reserves
recoverable shale gas
recoverable stocks
recovery costs
recovery method
recovery program
recovery rates
recovery trend
recreational facilities
recurring water supply
redistribution program
Red Sea
Red Sea
red tape
reduced access (to)
reduced rate
reduced wage
reduction in public spending
reduction in tonnage
reduction in unemployment
reduction of aid
reduction of income inequality
reduction of the trade deficit
reductions in spending
redundant workers
reference date
refined fuel
refined fuel
refined petrochemicals
refined products
refined products
reforested area
reform in pricing
reformist budget
reform law
reform measure
reform of the judiciary
reform package
reform process
reform process
reform program
refrigerator compressor
regime continuity
regional average
regional bank
regional bulwark
regional competition
regional context
regional cooperation
regional dimention
regional disparities
regional disparities
regional disparities
regional economy
regional economy
regional econpmy
regional hub
regional industry
regional instability
regional instability
regional integration
regional jet
regional leader
regional market
regional operator
regional partnership
regional program
regional project
regional security
regional unrest
regressive subsidies
regressive taxes
regular air service
regular behavior, regular behaviour
regular employee
regular ferry
regular increases (in)
regular increments
regular pay
regular rotation
regular salary
regular service
regular supply
regulated industry
regulated sector
regulation of production
regulatory authority
regulatory environment
regulatory environment
regulatory framework
regulatory framework
regulatory policy
regulatory reform
reinforcing steel
relations with the government
relative absence (of)
relative abundance
relative importance
relative importance
relative importance
relative lack (of)
relative scarcity
relative stability
reliable estimate
reliable information
reliable market
reliable precipitation pattern
reliable statistics
reliable supply (of)
reliance on domestic consumption
reliance on domestic demand
reliance on hydropower
reliance on imports
relief supplies
relief supplies
religious institution
relinquishment of land
remarkable motivation
remarkable performance
remittance-receiving households
remittance inflows
remittances from abroad
remittance transactions
remote village
remote village
renewable energy
renewable energy source
renewed growth
rental market
rent control
rentier economy
rentier logic
repair vehicle
repair workshop
repatriated profits
repatriated profits
repayment delay
repayment of debts
repayment terms
repeated delays
replacement of old machinery
replacement parts
replacement parts manufacturer
representative body
representative group
representative office
repressed inflation
reprocessing plant
request for comment
request status
rescheduling accord
rescheduling plan
rescue package
rescue package
research activity
research and development
research and development activities
research brief
research capacity
research center
research expenses
research institute
research institution
research nuclear reactor
research race
reserve money
reservoir water
residential services
resident representative
residual corporate ownership
residual income
resistance to restructuring
resived system
resource allocation
resource allocation
resource base
resource base
respectable rate
restarted firm
restive population
restricted scope
restriction on land sales
restrictions on exports
restrictions on imports
restrictive barrier
restrictive law
restrictive policy
restrucruting regime
resumption of production
retail giant
retail marketing
retail marketplace
retail operation
retail operation
retail outlet
retail outlet
retail outlet
retail price
retail price
retail sales
retail sales
retail sector
retail sector
retail store
retail store
retail trade
retail trade
retail trade
retail trade
retail trade sector
retail worker
retired bureaucrats
retired official
retirement age
retirement age
retirement benefits
retirement fund
retirement policy
revenue deduction
revenue distribution
Revenue Regulation Fund (Algeria)
revenues from oil
revenue shortfall
revolutionary change
revolutionary family (Algeria)
revolutionary fervor
revolutionary regime
revolutionary regime
rhetorical assault
rice crackers
rice field
rice imports
rice milling
rice paddy
rice prices
rice prices
rice production
rice production
rice stockpiles
rice transplanting
rice yields
rich foreigner
rich resources
rich soil
rich state
rich variety
right-hand traffic
right direction
rightist rhetoric
right of first refusal
rights of workers
rigid centralization
rigid control
rigid investment environment
rigid market
rigid mindset
rigid Stalinist
rise in demand
rise in demand
rise in inflation
rise in labor costs
rise in privatization
rise in production
rise in production
rise in tourism
rise in unemployment
rise in yields
rise of incomes
rise of output
rise of productivity
rising consumption
rising cost
rising costs
rising demand
rising demand
rising demand
rising demand
rising demand
rising education level
rising exports
rising income
rising incomes
rising inflation
rising inflation
rising insecurity
rising power
rising prices
rising prices
rising prices
rising production
rising productivity
rising wages
rising yields
risk of instability
rival militia
rival organization
riverine deposits
river system
road congestion
road construction
road construction
road infrastructure
road infrastructure
road maintenance
road network
road pattern
roadside fruit stand
roadside vegetable stand
road transport
road travel
road tunnel
robust corporation
robust investment
rock-strewn roadway
rock formations
rock phosphate
rolled metal
rolling stock
roofing shingles
room for manoeuvre
round of negotiations
rudimentary framework
rudimentary relationships
rugged terrain
ruinous policy
rule of law
rule of law
rules of engagement
ruling party
ruling party functionares
rural-urban migration
rural area
rural banditry
rural cooperative
rural family
rural handicrafts
rural highway
rural inhabitants
rural inhabitants
rural labor force
rural labor force
rural life
rural meat consumption
rural office
rural poor
rural population
rural population
rural productivity
rural property
rural property holding
rural railroad system
rural road
rush hours
safe atmosphere
safety net
safety standards
sailing ship
salaried worker
salary increase
salary increase
salary level
salary trend
sales competition
sales partner
sales tax
salinity-induced land degradation
salinity of the soil
salinization problem
salt-tolerant variety
salt deposits
salt industry
salt marsh
sample survey
sanctions regime
sand movement
sandy beach
sandy layers
sandy plateau
sanitation standards
saoring prices
satellite dish
satellite station
satellite transmission
satellite transmission network
satisfactory result
savings account
savings bank
Savings Bank (Albania)
savings fund
savings rate
savings rates
savings system
savings vehicle
scant progress
scanty resources
scarce funds
scarce land resources
scarcity of arable land
scarcity of clean water
scarcity of foreign exchange
scarcity of information
scarcity of traffic
scattered sites
Science and Technology Agency (Japan)
scientific revolution
scope of restructuring
scrap metal
sea activities
sea bream
sea cave
sea farming
sea fish
sea fishery
seafood market
seafood supply chain
seagoing cargo vessel
seagoing country
sea journey
sea lane
seal level
search for petroleum
seasonal agriculture
seasonal fee
seasonal labor
seasonal variations
seasoned observer
season of cultivation
sea traffic
sea transport
sea water
second-class land
secondary-sector economics
secondary activities
secondary domestic assets
secondary industries
secondary market
secondary school
secretarial work
Secretariat of Programming and Budget, SPP (Mexico)
secretive nature
section chief
section manager
sectoral reform
secure employment
secure food supply
securities company
securities exchange market
securities firm
securities house
securities market
security concerns
security conditions
security context
security domain
security environment
security expenses
security expert
security forces
security issue
security measures
security problem
security risk
security situation
security sources
security spending
sedimentary rock
seeding time
seed quality
seed supplier
seed variety
seismological study
seizure of property
selective justice
self-defense forces
self-financed investment
self-service store
self-sufficiency rate
self-sufficiency ratio
self-sustaining economy
self-sustaining growth
self-sustaining growth
semi-finished products
semi-independent company
semiannual bonus
semiconductor manufacturing
semiconductor manufacturing
semiconductor market
semifinished product
senior bureaucrat
seniority-based career advancement
senior official
senior position
sense of security
separate budget
sequential moves
serious attempt
serious breach
serious damage
serious decline
serious difficulty
serious discussions
serious disruptions
serious flaw
serious gap
serious hunger
serious impact
serious negotiations
serious objection
serious obstacle
serious problem
serious problem
serious proposal
serious recession
serious reduction
serious reservations
serious reverse
serious setback
serious shortage
service-oriented sector
service-ortiented economy
service activities
service business
service businesses
service charges
service economy
service enterprise
service industries
service industries
service industry sector
service jobs
service network
service sector
set net
set wage
severe bottleneck
severe challenge
severe crisis
severe criticism
severe cut
severe downturn
severe economic downturn
severe inflation
severe limits
severe problem
severe reduction
severe setback
severe shortage
severe social unrest
severe strains
sewage project
sewage system
shaky foundations
shale development
shale gas
shale gas basin
shale gas concession
shale gas drilling
shale gas extraction
shale gas production
shale gas reserves
shale gas resources
shale gas sector
shale gas ventures
shale oil
shale oil production
shale well
share certificate
shareholder activism
shareholding structure
share of employment
share purchases
sharp decline
sharp decline
sharp deterioration
sharp drop
sharp drop (in)
sharp fall
sharp fall
sharp fall
sharp fluctuation
sharp growth
sharp increase
sharp reaction
sharp recovery
sharp reduction (in)
sharp revival
sharp rise
sharp rise
sharp setback
sheep farming
sheet steel
shellfish enterprise
shift in orientation
shift in strategy
shipbuilding firm
shipbuilding industry
ship of foreign registry
shipping enterprise
shipping industry
shock-therapy approach
shock therapy
shock treatment
shoe enterprise
shoe factory
shoe manufacturing
shop clerk
shop manager
shopping district
shopping spree
short-term borrowing
short-term credit
short-term debt
short-term deposit
short-term disruption
short-term interest rate
short-term loan
short-term policy
short-term portfolio
short-term profit
short-term prospects
short-term prospects
short-term recovery
short-term shock
short-term shock
short-wave system
shortage in foreign currency
shortage of energy
shortage of farmland
shortage of feed
shortage of funds
shortage of land
shortage of raw materials
shortage of skilled labor
shortage of skilled workers
shortage of spare parts
shortage of spare parts
shortfall in revenues
short flight
short interruption
short route
show of force
shrimp farm
shrinking work force
significant amount
significant attempt
significant buffer
significant change
significant cut
significant decrease
significant deposits
significant development
significant drop
significant expansion
significant expansion
significant exporter
significant exporter
significant factor
significant group
significant impact
significant impact
significant improvement
significant influence
significant inventive
significant investment
significant potential
significant potential
significant problem
significant progress
significant proportion
significant reserves
significant results
significant role
significant role
significant shift
significant slide
significant source
significant source of revenue
significant turno
sign of change
silica sand
silt deposit
silver output
simple analysis
simple point of view
simplification of investment procedures
Sinai Desert
single-day visitor
single digit inflation
single parts
single proprietorship
sister town
sizable portion
sizable sovereign wealth fund
size of landownershop
sketchy information
skilled labor
skilled labor force
skilled worker
skilled workers
skill identification
skipjack tuna
ski resort
skyrocketing prices
sliding scale
slight drop
slight increase
slight recovery
slight reduction
slow advance
slow change
slow growth
slowing of economic growth
slow pace
slow process
slow progress
slow recovery
sluggish growth
slump in oil prices
small-scale agriculture
small-scale cultivation
small-scale industry
small-scale private entrepreneurship
small-scale production
small-scale social protests
small and medium-sized enterprises
small and medium enterprises
small and medium enterprises
small boat
small business
small collective farm
small enterprise
small enterprise
small family farm
small family operation
small famoly
small farm
small farmer
small firm
small holder
small holding
small industry
small investment
small landholding
small owner
small peasant
small peasant
small plant
small retailer
small state enterprise
small subcontractor
small trade
smelting costs
smelting technique
smooth flow
smooth flow of goods
smuggled goods
smuggling of hard currency abroad
smuggling of oil products
snow sport
soap factory
soaring prices
social accountability
social assistance
social benefits
social capital
social change
social cohesion
social consequences
social conservatism
social cost
social crisis
social criteria
social custom
social democracy
social development
social development
social development agency
social dialogue
social equity
social explosion
social fabric
social handouts
social inequality
social infrastructure
social insurance
social insurance system
socialist construction
socialist country
socialist development
Socialist Forces Front (Algeria)
socialist sector
socialist system
socialized agricultural sector
socialized economy
social model
social needs
social needs
social organization
social pact
social peace
social protest
social relations
social rights
social safety net
social security
social security
social security benefits
social security fund
social security funds
social security guarantees
social security number
social security payments
social security regulations
social spending
social stability
social structure
social structure
social system
social tension
social tensions
social transfers
social unrest
social unrest
social welfare
social welfare spending
socioeconomic burden
socioeconomic change
socioeconomic instability
sociopolitical system
soft coal
software capabilities
soil degradation
soil fertility
soil improvement
soil management
soil nitrogen
soil nutrient
soil salinization
soil structure
solar energy
solar energy
solar market
solar power
solar power panel
sole proprietorship
sophisticated bureaucracy
sophisticated housing
sophisticated processing
sophisticated technology
sorting equipment
sound economic infrastructure
sounding board
sound management
sound system
source of authority
source of capital
source of currency
source of employment
source of energy
source of food
source of foreign exchange
source of funding
source of hard-currency income
source of imports
source of imports
source of income
source of income
source of investment
source of legitimacy
source of liquidity
source of milk
source of national spending
source of power
South America
South American crisis (2002)
Southeast Asia
sovereign wealth fund
sown area
soya oil
soybean paste, miso
soy sauce
spare-parts shortage
spare parts
sparse statistics
special-purpose bank
special-purpose entity
special-purpose fund
special account budget
special body
special case
special council
Special Drawing Rights, SDRs
special experience
special function
special function
special fund
specialist judge
specialized bank
specialized bank
specialized institution
specialized sector
specialized skills
special job conditions
special legislation
special pass
special program
special skill
special skills
special tax
special treatment
specialty chains
specialty crop
specific position
specified conditions
spectacular growth
spectacular increase
spectacular performance
speculative bubble
speculative market
speficied age
spending reductions
sperm whale
sphere of influence
splendid beach
sporadic rebellion
sporadic unrest
sports car
sport utility truck
sprawling estate
springboard for exports
spring offensive, shunto (Japan)
sputtering economy
square kilometer
square meter
stabilisation fund, stabilization fund
stabilization measures
stabilization of employment
stabilization of input prices
stabilization package
stabilization package
stabilization policy
stabilization program
stable conditions
stable delivery
stable economy
stable employment
stable growth
stable inflation
stable level
stable lifestyle
stable production
stable production
stable rate
stable yield
stablization program
staff member
stagnant sector
stagnant sector
stainless steel
Stalinist economy
Stalinist ideology
Stalinist model
Stalinist policy
Stalinist rhetoric
Stalinist strategy
Stalinist system
standard-gauge rail line
standard gauge
standardized activities
standardized process
standard of living
standard practice
standards of quality
standards of quality
standby credit
standby credit agreement
staple diet
staple items
starch factory
startup firm
state-backed company
state-farm manager
state-owned airline
state-owned bakery
state-owned bank
state-owned corporation
state-owned enterprise
state-owned enterprise
state-owned firm
state-owned mill
state-owned property
state-owned property
state-run network
state-run store
state-run system
state administration
state assets
state authority
state bank
State Bank of Albania
state budget
state bureaucracy
state bureaucrat
state coffers
state company
state control
state duty
state enterprise
state factory
state farm
state farm
state farm worker
state firm
state government
state housing
state industry
state industry
state intervention
state intervention
state investigation
state involvement (inÃ
state land
state limitations
state minister
state monopoly
state network
state news agency
state of affairs
state official
state participation
state pension fund
state policy
state price
state procurement center
state property
state property
state regulation
state secret
state shop
state spending
state spending
state store
state subsidy
state supervision
state terror
state treasury
state worker
statist approach
statistical database
statistical difficulties
statistical review
status quo
statutory protection
steady expansion
steady growth
steady increase
steady pace
steady progress
steady rise
steel combine
steel complex
steel corporation
steel mill
steel piping
steel plant
steel producer
steep decline
steep deficit
steep devaluation
steep rise
steering council
stiff competition
stiff resistance
stock-price index
stock animal
stock exchange
stockholders' meeting
stockholding enterprise
stock market
stockmarket capitalization, stockmarket capitalisation
stock market dealings
stock market index
stock ownership
stock prices
stock shares
stock trading
stolen goods
storage facilities
storage tank
store shelf
stormy confrontation
strabilization strategy
strategic decision
strategic industry
strategic interest
strategic link
strategic objective
strategic position
strategic stake
strategy hub
straw-producing stem
stready performance
streetcar line
street corner
street pattern
street shoes
strict autarky
strict autarky
strict control
strict control
strict crop rotation
strict law
strict monopoly
strict regulation
strict regulation
striking feature
stringent standards
stringet program
strong army
strong competition
strong criticism
strong currency
strong economy
strong expansion
strong factor
strong growth
strong imports
strong infrastructure
strong infrastructure
strong intervention
strong opposition
strong partnership
strong performance
strong performance
strong platform
strong position
strong powers
strong preference
strong protection
strong relationship
strong resistance
strong restrictions
strong revival
strong sector
strong support
strong surplus
strong ties
structural adjustment
structural change
structural change
structural change
structural feature
structural measures
structural reform
structural reform
structural reforms
struggling class
student housing
study project
sub-Saharan country
subcontracting worker
submarine cable
subservient role
subsidiary company
subsidies for food
subsidies for fuel
subsidized credit
subsidized inputs
subsidized price
subsidized rate
subsidized sector
subsidy bill
subsidy system
subsistance livelihood
subsistence agriculture
subsistence production
substantial amount
substantial deposits
substantial impact
substantial percentage
substantial pressure
substantial producer (of)
substantial progress
substantial proportion
substantial quantity
substantial reform
substantial reserves
substantial resources
substantial rise
substantial subsidies
substitution product
suburban railroad system
subway system
subway system
successful attempt
successful diversification
successful industrialization
successful industry
successful operation
successful policy
successful program
successful strategy
successful test
succession crisis
succession process
sudden death
sudden decline
sudden rise
sudden shift (in)
Suez Canal
Suez Canal Authority
sufficient amount
sufficient irrigation
sufficient level
sufficient rainfall
sugar-beet production
sugar-beet refinery
sugar beets
sugar industry
sugar mill
sugar processing
sugar production
sugar refining
sugar refining
sugar refining factory
suitable employer
sulfuric acid
summer crop
sunflower-oil plant
sunflower pulp
superficial change
superior system
supervisory agency
supervisory operation
supplemental budget
supplementary budget
supplementary finance law
supplier credit
supply and demand
supply chain
supply chain solutions
supply distribution
supply gap
supply increase
supply line
supply network
supply of raw materials
supply of spare parts
supply problem
supply shortfalls
supply system
support prices
support program
support system
surfaced road
surface ores
surface quality
surface transport
surplus workers
suspension bridge
sustainable method
sustainable policy
sustained growth
sustained growth
sustained growth
sustained growth
sustained recovery
sustained recovery
sustained reforms
sweeping nationalization
sweeping reform
sweet potatoes
symbiotic relationship
synthetic fibers
synthetic rubber
systematic collection
systematic effort
systemic weakness
system of canals
system of financing
system of terraces
tablet computer
tacit expectation
tangible benefit
tanker tonnage
targeted market
tariff protection
tariff rate
tariff reductions
tariff restrictions
tariff structure
tariff system
tax-free savings
tax administration
taxation of profits
taxation system
tax base
tax base
tax bill
tax bracket
tax brackets
tax break
tax break
tax burden
Tax Bureau (Japan)
tax code
tax collection
tax collection
tax collection
tax comparison index
tax concessions
tax cut
tax evasion
tax exemption
tax exemption
tax filing
taxi company
tax incentives
tax laws
tax on profits
tax policy
tax rate
tax rates
tax receipts
tax reduction
tax reform
tax regulations
tax revenues
tax schedule
tax structe
tax structure
tax system
tax system
tech industry
technical agreement
technical assessment
technical assistance
technical breakthrough
technical capabilities
technical criteria
technical difficulty
technical expertise
technical know-how
technical obstacle
technical problem
technical results
technical revolution
technical school
technical scrutity
technical support
technical worker
technological advance
technological change
technological development
technological development
technological development
technological development
technological improvement
technological indpendence
technological innovation
technological know-how
technological know-how
technological level
technological partner
technological research
technology imports
technology licensing
telecommunication corporation
telecommunications equipment
telecommunication services
telecommunications field
telecommunications industry
telecommunications infrastructure
telecommunications liberalization, telecommunications liberalisation
telecommunications market
telecommunications sector
telecommunications services
telecoms operator
telegraph service
telegraph system
telephone company
telephone company
telephone density
telephone density
telephone line
telephone line
telephone line
telephone network
telephone service
telephone system
telephone transmission
telephone wire
television broadcaster
television broadcasting
television facilities
television station
television transmission
temporary canal
temporary employment
temporary employment
temporary headquarters
temporary recovery
temporary worker
temporary workers
tenancy duration
tentative step
terminal building
terms of trade
terrace cultivation
terraced slope
terracing of highlands
tertiary industries
tertiary industry
tertiary layers
tertiary sector
test flight
textile combine
textile equipment
textile equipment works
textile exports
textile factory
textile industry
textile machinery
textile manufacturing
textile market
textile mill
textile plant
textile plant
textile production
textile production
textile products
thatched house
thermal generation
thermal plant
thermal plant
thermal power
thermal power plant
thermoelectric plant
thick woodlands
Third World
Third World nation
thrifty society
ticket sales
tide of unrest
tight policy
tight policy
tile drainage
tilled land
timber industry
timber industry products
timber needs
timber needs
timber resources
time-consuming procedure
time-consuming process
time-consuming process
time deposits
timely repayment
time of sale
tiny fraction
tiny fraction
tiny landholding
tiny village
TN status
to accumulate deposits
to achieve a result
to alleviate a debt
to allow a currency to float
to assign functions (to)
to assume power
to assume responsibility
to attract investment
to attract tourists
tobacco factory
tobacco industry
tobacco production
to begin production
to bolster yields
to burn fuel
to collect debts
to collect taxes
to conclude an agreement
to conduct business
to construct a plant
to contract a debt
to control a company
to cover a deficit
to create jobs
to eliminate subsidies (for)
to establish an oil well
to exercise control over sth
to exert efforts
to extract oil
to formulate a plan
to found a company
to gain sb's confidence
to generate revenues
to give priority (to)
to go into operation
toilet paper
to implement a change
to implement a plan
to impose a tariff (on)
to impose controls
to increase aid
to increase production
to increase productivity
to initiate a project
to issue a currency
Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market
Tokyo Stock Exchange
tolerable increase
toll-collecting enterprise
toll road
to loosen control
to lower a deficit
to make a discovery
to make a recovery
to manage a transaction
to meet a goal
To mitigate an impact
to nationalize a company
to offer concessions
to open a pipeline
to open a plant
to operate an enterprise
to own an enterprise
to pay dividends
to pay dividends
to peg a currency (to)
TOPIX (Japan)
top management
top official
to prepare a budget
to promote a project
to propel economy growth
to provide credit
top travel destination
to put pressure on resources
to re-allocate resources
to reach an agreement
to receive aid
to redistribute income
to reduce expenditures
to reduce subsidies (for)
to reduce supply
to relax restrictions
to repay debts
to retain influence
to rise to record highs
to run an enterprise
to set a price
to set up a bank
to sign an agreement
to sign a treaty
to slash imports
to stimulate production
to suspend aid
total annual shipping
total area
total assets
total catch
total consumption
total contribution
total cost
total debts
total destruction
total disappearance
total effect
total employment
total employment
total equity
total exports
total fish catches
total freight tonnage
total generating capacity
total imports
total imports
total investment
total investment
total investment
totalitarian regime
total lack (of)
total land area
total length
total output
total output
total population
total production
total reserves
total revenue
total sales
total savings
total trade
total traffic
total turnover
total value
total volume
total workforce
to trip the budget deficit
to undertake a program
tourism earnings
tourism income
tourism sector
tourist-oriented facilities
tourist area
tourist attraction
tourist center
tourist industry
tourist office
tourist receipts
tourist resort
tourist shop
tourist site
towed barge
towel factory
towering deficit
to widen the income gap
to win a contract
to win the endorsement (of)
town dweller
tractor driver
tractor plant
tractor station
trade accord
trade activity
trade agreement
trade balance
trade balance
trade balance
trade balance
trade barrier
trade boycott
trade competition
trade consultation
trade corporation
trade costs
trade costs
trade deficit
trade deficit
trade deficit
trade dispute
trade diversion
trade entrepot
trade facilitation
trade fair
trade flows
trade friction
trade issues
trade law
trade liberalization
trade liberalization
trade liberalization
trade liberalization
trade network
trade oversight
trade partner
trade policy
trade power
trade protection measures
trade relations
trade restrictions
trade route
trade sector
trade ship
trade strategy
trade structure
trade surplus
trade surplus
trade surplus
trade surplus
trade surplus
trade system
trade tariffs
trade transaction
trade turnover
trade volume
trade volume
trading center, trading centre
trading enterprise
trading nation
trading nation
trading partner
trading port
trading volume
traditional agriculture
traditional culture
traditional family lands
traditional farm
traditional farming
traditional function
traditional house
traditional mainstay
traditional means of transportation
traditional medicine
traditional methiod
traditional method
traditional society
traditional system
traffic lights
traffic pattern
trained carpenter
training facility
train service
transaction value
transfer of ownership
transfer of property
transfer of property rights
transfer payment
transfers from abroad
transformation of hydrocarbons
transformation process
transformer burnout
transition costs
transit time
transmission capacities
transmission line
transmission line
transmission network
transnational terrorism
Transparency International
transport activity
transportation breakdown
transportation enterprise
transportation equipment
transportation equipment
transportation equipment
transportation facilities
transportation facilities
transportation fleet
transportation improvements
transportation industry
transportation infrastructure
transportation market
transportation problem
transportation problem
transportation sector
transportation sector
transportation system
transportation workers
transport capacity
transport equipment
transport machinery
transport network
traumatic therapy
travel reservation
travel restriction
treasury bill
treasury bonds
treasury deficit
treatment plant
treaty of cooperation
treaty of friendship
tree crop
tree stump
tremendous elasticity
triennal rotation
trillion dollar club
tripartite invation
triple-digit inflation
triple cropping
tripolar network
tropical fruits
troubled enterprise
troubled industry
troubled industry
trout farm
trust bank
trust bank
trust banking
trusted atmosphere
Trust Fund Bureau (Japan)
turnover tax
typical example
typical family
UK-Algeria Business Council
ultimate goal
umbrella organization
unanimous regulation
unanticipated problem
unattractive market
unauthorized strike
unbacked money
unbalanced structure
unchecked cutting
unclear rights
uncompetitive sector
unconventional gas
unconventional resources
undeclared income
underdeveloped country
underdeveloped economy
underdeveloped industry
underdeveloped market
underdeveloped road network
underdeveloped sector
underemployed labor
underground aquifer
underperforming agriculture
underperforming company
undersea railway
undersea tunnel
underutilised infrastructure
underwater construction
underwater pipeline
undeveloped market
undeveloped potental
uneconomic production
unemployed workers
unemployed young people
unemployment rate
unequal social relations
Unesco world heritage
UNESCO World Heritage site
uneven distribution
uneven growth
uneven reforms
unexpected bill
unexplored area
unfavorable impact
unforeseen consequence
unforeseen difficultu
unfriendly business environment
unified economy
unified exchange rate
unified nation
uninhabited area
union action
union activities
unionization rate
union member
union membership
union office
union officier
union representative
unique attraction
unique sweetness
unique system
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO
United Nations International Labour Organisation
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
United States Agency for International Development, USAID, AID
United States dollar, US dollar
unit union
universal healthcare
university graduate
unmanageable disequilibrium
unmanned aerial vehicle
unmanned vehicle
unofficial estimate
unofficial price
unofficial quota
unofficial study
unpaid peasant
unplanned losses
unpopular jobs
unprecedented attack
unprecedented expansion (of)
unprecedented growth
unprecedented inflation
unprecedented level
unprecedented rate
unprecedented stability
unprecendented level
unpredictable rainfalls
unproductive desert
unproductive land
unproductive positions
unproductive property
unprofitable mine
unprofitable sector
unrealistic target
unregulated operations
unreliable service
unresolved issue
unsafe working conditions
unsalvageable enterprise
unsatisfactory performance
unserviceable foreign debt
unskilled worker
unskilled workers
unsteady growth rate
unsuccessful policy
unsustainable model
unsustainable situation
unsustainable system
untapped reserves
untold damage
unusual abundance
unwieldy bureaucracy
unwritten order
upgraded capacities
upgraded version
upgrade of infrastructure
uphill battle
upper-middle-income country
upper class
Upper Egypt
upper limit
upper management
upper management
upper middle-income country
Upper Miocene layers
upperr stratum
upper tax brackets
upstream development
upstream licensing round
upward jump
upward trend
urban area
urban building
urban center, urban centre
urban consumers
urban development
urban development project
urban dwellings
urban employment
urban family
urban governorate
urban industry
urban labor force
urban market
urban mass transit
urban municipio
urban population
urban redevelopment
urban services
urban society
urban transport
urban unemployment
urban workers
urgent situation
urgent steps
US-Algeria Business Coucil
US dollar
used car
used car
use of fertilizers
use of foreign exchange
use of information
use of new technology
use of pesticides
use of power
user-penetration rate
utility truck
valid identity card
value-added chain
value-added industry
value-added tax
value-based tax
value added
value system
variations of precipitation
varietal improvement
vast improvement
vast majority
vast oil field
vast quantity
vast system (of)
vast tracts of land
VAT rate
vegerable garden
vegerable prices
vegetable-oil industry
vegetable monger
vegetable oil
vegetable oil extraction
vegetable output
vegetable preserves
vehicle assembly plant
vehicle imports
vehicle imports
vehicular traffic
vehicular traffic
vertical monopoly
vested interests
veterinary services
vice taxes
victor states
video disc
video game
video games system
village bakery
violent clashes
violent crime
violent expression
violent extremism
violent protest
violent uprising
virtual disappearance (of)
visa arrangements
visa requirements
visa restrictions
visible sign
visible trade
visible trade deficit
vital goods
vital goods
vital instrument
vital railroad
vital resource
vital sector
volatile exchange rate
volatility of raw material prices
volcanic island
volume of credit
volume of deposits
volume of foreign exchange
volume of traffic
voluntary lending
volunteer work
voting power
vulnerable economy
vulnerable economy
vulnerable sector
wage-earning work force
wage control
wage demands
wage determination
wage fund
wage increase
wage increase
wage increase
wage increment
wage indexing
wage levels
wage negotiations
wage offensive
wage per worker
wage regime
wage restraints
wage slavery
wage structure
wage system
warehousing solutions
warm climate
warm weather
warm winter
warning sign
war of independence
washing machine
waste disposal
waste disposal
wasteful consumption
waste of time
water buffalo
water clogging
water consumption
water cover
water flow
water heater
water level
water management
water pollution
waterproofing material
water pump
water pumping
water resources
Water Resources Minister (Algeria)
water scarcity
water supply
water supply
water supply
water utilities
water well
wave of emigration
wave of nationalization
weak currency
weakening economy
weakening hold on power
weak governance
weak state
weak system
wealth group
wealthy nation
wealthy nation
wealthy state
weekly salary
welfare indicator
welfare opportunities
welfare services
welfare system
well-being income line
well-capitalized bank
well-connected business
well-defined rules
well-developed system
well-disciplined work force
well-educated elite
well-off segment of the population
well-to-do farmer
well drilling
well maintained route
Western culture
Western Desert (Egypt)
Western ideas
Western influence
Western Mediterranean
Western science
westward orientation
westward reorientation
wet-rice cultivation
wet climate
whaling nation
wheat area
wheat consumption
wheat exporter
wheat farm
wheat imports
wheat prices
wheat production
wheat seed
wheat supply
wheat yields
white-collar businessman
white-collar worker
white corn
wholesale distribution
wholesale establishment
wholesale market
wholesale sector
wholesale trade
wholesale trade
wholesale worker
wholsale price
wide array
wide effect
widespread anarchy
widespread anger
widespread corruption
widespread destruction
widespread discontent
widespread fear
widespread fears
widespread hunger
widespread lawlessness
widespread purge
widespread revolt
widespread unrest
wide variety
wide variety
wide variety
wild swing
wine production
winter crop
winter destination
wireless broadband access
woman's sweater
women's apparel
women's clothing
women's shoes
wooden plow
wood needs
wood processing
wood products
woodworking enterprise
woodworking industry
woodworking industry
woolen fabrics
work action
work conditions
work environment
worker absenteeism
worker age
worker attitudes
worker cafeteria
worker incentive
worker motivation
worker participation
workers' accident compensation insurance
workers' remittances
work habits
working-age people
working-age population
working age
working age popilation
working capital credit
working career
working conditions
working conditions
working day
working environment
working hours
working people
working population
working population
working women
work slowdown
work unit union
world-renowned player
world average
World Bank
World Bank Group
world class company
World Economic Forum
world economy
World Federation of Exchanges, WFE
World Global Financial Crisis
world heritage
world heritage site
world leader
world leader
world market
world oil prices
world power
world price
world prices
world prominence
world shortage
world supply
world trade
world war
World War II
worldwide shortage
worldwide transmissions
worrying level
worsening conditions
worsening context
worsening position
worsening problem
would-be-private entrepreneur
wretched standard of living
written directive
written order
yarn factory
year-on-year growth
year-round cultivation
yearly catch
yearly increase
yearly meeting
yearly output
yearly profit
yearly revenues
yeast factory
yellow corn
yellow corn
yield increase
yield level
young employee
young people
young population
young trees
young worker
zaibatsu conglomerate
zero-interest loan

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