Come, (verb), 1- ǧa.

Come, (order), ṛwaḥ.

2- To come across, lqa.

3- To come again, wella.

4- To come back, wella.

5- To come up, ṭleɛ.


I won't come today. - Ma nǧi-c l-yum.

Examples (come [order]):

Come everyone and join us in drinking, dancing, chatting, and making new friends! - Ṛwaḥu gaɛ u nḍemmu li-na bac necceṛbu, necceṭḥu, ngeṣṣru u netɛeṛṛfu ɛla ṣḥab jded!

Examples (come across):

He came across some old documents in the closet. - Lqa ci watayeq qdem f l-plakaṛ.

Examples (come again):

Farid asked Karima to come again. - Farid ṭleb men Karima twelli.

Examples (come back):

I won't come back. - Ma nwelli-c.

Examples: (come up):

There's someone coming up the stairs. - Kac waḥed ṛa-hu yeṭleɛ f d-dṛuǧ.

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