Cooking, (noun), ṭyab.

Cooking pot, qedra (qdur).

To be good at cooking, yeɛṛef iṭeyyeb.

To do the cooking, ṭeyyeb; letha b-ṭ-ṭyab.

To use sth in one's cooking, ṭeyyeb b-kac ḥaǧa.javascript:;

Examples (noun):

Farid certainly knows a lot about cooking. - Farid, bla cekk, yeɛṛef bezzaf umuṛ ɛel ṭ-ṭyab.

Farid seemed to like your cooking. - Farid ban belli iḥebb ṭ-ṭyab taɛ-k.

Her cooking is the best. - Ṭ-ṭyab taɛ-ha huwa l-mxeyyer.

I'm going to miss your cooking. - Ṛa-ni ṛayeḥ netweḥḥec ṭ-ṭyab taɛ-k.

I am no match for her in cooking. - Ana ma neddi-ha-lha-c gaɛ f ṭ-ṭyab.

I help my mother with the cooking. - Ana nɛawen yemma f ṭ-ṭyab.

I miss Farid's cooking. - Tweḥḥect ṭ-ṭyab taɛ Farid.

My hobby is cooking. - L-hiwaya taɛ-i hiya ṭ-ṭyab.

My husband is an expert when it comes to cooking Chinese food. - Farid xabir f ṭ-ṭyab taɛ l-makla c-cinwiyya.

Set cooking time for 1 minute 45 seconds. - Rigli l-weqt taɛ ṭ-ṭab f dqiqa u xemsa u ṛebɛin tanya.

She hasn't got the knack of cooking yet. - Mazal ma tɛellmet-c ṭ-ṭyab.

She is an expert when it comes to cooking. - Hiya xabira f ṭ-ṭyab.

She's thinking of taking a couple of courses at a cooking school. - Ṛa-hi txemmem teqra cwiyya f msid taɛ ṭ-ṭyab.

She knows everything about cooking. - Hiya teɛṛef kullec ɛel ṭ-ṭyab.

She takes cooking lessons once a week. - Hiya tdir duṛus taɛ ṭ-ṭyab xeṭra f s-smana.

The smell of cooking makes me hungry. - R-riḥa taɛ ṭ-ṭyab tǧewweɛ-ni.

Examples (to be good at cooking):

Farid and Karima say they're good at cooking. - Farid u Karima iqulu belli yeɛɛeṛfu iṭeyybu.

Farid isn't good at cooking. - Farid ma yeɛṛef-c iṭeyyeb.

Farid isn't very good at cooking. - Farid ma yeɛṛef-c iṭeyyeb mliḥ.

Farid is quite good at cooking. - Farid yeɛṛef iṭeyyeb mliḥ.

Farid is very good at cooking. - Farid yeɛṛef iṭeyyeb mliḥ.

Farid said Karima is pretty good at cooking. - Farid qal belli Karima teɛṛef tṭeyyeb mliḥ.

Farid says that Karima isn't very good at cooking. - Farid iqul belli Karima ma teɛṛef-c tṭeyyeb mliḥ.

Farid told me that he thought Karima was good at cooking. - Farid qal-li belli ixemmem belli Karima teɛṛef tṭeyyeb.

I'm better at cooking Thai food than I am at cooking Mexican food. - Ana neɛṛef nṭeyyeb l-makla t-taylandiyya xir men l-miksikiyya.

I'm pretty good at cooking spaghetti. - Ana neɛṛef nṭeyyeb mliḥ s-spagiti.

I hear you are good at cooking. - Smeɛt belli nta teɛṛef tṭeyyeb.

I knew Farid and Karima weren't good at cooking. - Kunt ɛlabal-i belli Farid u Karima ma yeɛɛeṛfu-c iṭeyybu.

She boasts that she's good at cooking. - Hiya tzux belli teɛṛef tṭeyyeb.

She is not good at cooking. - Hiya ma teɛṛef-c tṭeyyeb.

We want a woman who's good at cooking. - Ḥebbina mṛa lli teɛṛef tṭeyyeb.

Examples (to do the cooking):

Farid is used to doing his own cooking. - Farid mwalef iṭeyyeb weḥd-u.

I'm doing the cooking. - Ana lli nṭeyyeb.

Thank you for doing the cooking while I was sick in bed. - Ṣaḥḥit ki ṭeyyebt f l-weqt lli kunt ana fi-h mriḍa f l-frac.

They did the cooking and cleaning in the house. - Huma lli kanu iṭeyybu u ineqqu f d-daṛ.

Examples (to use sth in one's cooking):

Karima doesn't use salt in her cooking. - Karima ma tṭeyyeb-c b-l-melḥ.

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