1-Cow, begṛa* (bgeṛ).

2-Cow, (/verb/), xewwef.


Cows are sacred animals to Hindus. - L-bgeṛ mqeddsin ɛend l-hendusiyyin.

Cows give milk. - L-bqeṛ imeddu l-ḥlib.

Cows live on grass. - L-bgeṛ yaklu l-ḥcic.

Cows supply us with many things we need. - L-bgeṛ imeddu-lna bezzaf ḥwayeǧ nesḥeqqu-hum.

Due to its age, the cow will no longer give milk. - Ɛla ḥsab l-ɛmeṛ taɛ-ha, had l-begṛa ma tzid-c tmedd l-ḥlib.

Even the blackest cow only gives white milk. - Ḥetta l-begṛa l-keḥla kamel tmedd ḥlib byeḍ.

Farid milked the cow. - Farid ḥleb l-begṛa.

Farid milks the cows twice a day, seven days a week. - Farid yeḥleb l-bgeṛ zuǧ meṛṛat f n-nhaṛ, sebɛa ayyam f s-smana.

I am going to milk the cows. - Ṛa-ni ṛayeḥ neḥleb l-bqer.

I have one thousand and five hundred cows. - Ɛend-i alef u xemsemyat ṛas taɛ l-bgeṛ.

In the end, her glare cowed him into submission. - Mɛa l-exxer, l-xezṛa taɛ-ha xewwfet-u u xda-lha ṛ-ṛay.

Is that a cow or a buffalo? - Hadik begṛa wella ǧamus?

Karima sold the cow. - Karima baɛet l-begṛa.

This cow is not branded. - Hadik l-begṛa maci mmaṛkiyya.

The cows are eating grass. - Haduk l-bgeṛ ṛa-hum yaklu l-ḥcic.

The cows were moving very slowly through the long green grass. - Haduk l-bgeṛ kanu yemcu b-l-ɛqel f hadak l-ḥcic ṭ-ṭwil.

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