Day, 1- (a period of 24 hours), yum (yamat; "iyyam" when followed by a number under 11), nhaṛ (nhaṛat).

2- a- (period of light between dawn and nightfall), nhaṛ (nhaṛat).

b- A few days ago, l-yamat lli fatu.

c- All day, nhaṛ kamel.

d- A couple days ago, l-yamat lli fatu.

e- Every day, kul yum.

3- (workday, study day), a- nhaṛ (yamat), jurniyya (jurniyyat).

b- To take a day off, dda nhaṛ (ma xdem-c fi-h); qɛed (kac) nhaṛ, ma xdem-c; qɛed (kac) nhaṛ, ma qra-c.

c- To have (a day) off, ɛend-u (kac nhaṛ) ma yexdem-c fi-h.

I have Monday off. - Ɛend-i t-tnin ma nexdem-c fi-h.


After we had sailed for some days, it happened a storm, and on the fifth night the ship split. - Muṛ melli mcina f l-bḥeṛ ci yamat, ǧat ɛaṣfa, u f l-lila l-xames, tteqsem l-babuṛ.

Farid showed up in Oran three days after he said he would. - Farid cafu-h f Wehṛan telt iyyam muṛ melli qal ṛayeḥ ikun l-temm.

Farid sometimes calls Salima as many as five times a day. - Xeṭrat, Farid iɛeyyeṭ l-Salima ḥetta l-xemsa meṛṛat f n-nhaṛ.

For how many days? - Cḥal men nhaṛ?

He always makes it a rule to take an hour's walk every day. - Dima yemci saɛa f n-nhaṛ.

He was always drinking in those days. - Kan daymen yecṛeb haduk l-yamat.

I have had to stay in bed for two days. - Qɛedt yumin f l-frac.

I ride a bicycle to school every day. - Kul yum, nṛuḥ l-l-msid b-l-vilu.

I run ten kilometers a day. - Neǧri ɛecṛa kilumitṛat f n-nhaṛ.

I saw him at the station a few days ago. - Ceft-u f l-lagaṛ l-yamat lli fatu.

It rained heavily all day long. - Ṣebbet c-cta b-ẓ-ẓur nhaṛ kamel.

It's been warm the last few days. - Kan sxun l-ḥal l-yamat lli fatu.

I was here all day. - Qɛedt hna nhaṛ kamel.

Japanese eat three meals a day. - J-Jwapna yaklu telt weǧbat f n-nhaṛ.

This is the best day of my life. - Hada huwa l-yum l-mxeyyer gaɛ f ḥyat-i.

We spent a fabulous day in the woods. - Ǧewwezna nhaṛ hayel f l-ɣaba.

What's going on with children these days? - Wecbi-hum d-drari l-yum?

You will be absent for three days. - Ṛa-k ṛayeḥ ɣib telt iyyam.

Examples (a couple days ago):

Did you read the email I sent you a couple days ago? - Qrit l-miṣaj lli bɛett-hu-lek l-yamat lli fatu?

Examples (workday):

I took Monday off. - Ddit nhaṛ t-tnin, ma xdemt-c fi-h.

I took the day off. - Qɛedt hadak n-nhaṛ, ma xdemt-c.

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