Do, (verb), 1- a- dar.

I did really well/I did pretty well - Sellekt ṛas-i mliḥ. ~~~

I get things done./I get stuff done. - Ana nefri cɣalat-i.

I had a lot to do. - Kan ɛend-i bezzaf cɣel.

b- To be done, ndar, ttendar.

c- To do sth again, ɛawed dar (kac ḥaǧa), ɛawed (kac ḥaǧa).

3- To make (sb) do sth, qal l-(kac waḥed) idir (kac ḥaǧa), ǧɛel (kac waḥed) idir (kac ḥaǧa).


Farid advised Salima to not do that. - Farid nṣeḥ Salima u qal-lha ma tdir-c had c-ci.

Farid can do that for you. - Farid yeqder idir-lek had c-ci.

I did it on Monday. - Dert had c-ci nhaṛ t-tnin.

I did it your way. - Dert-ha kima tdir-ha nta.

I don't get paid to do that. - Ana ma nexleṣ-c bac ndir had c-ci.

I've done that numerous of times. - Dert had c-ci bezzaf.

Who did you want to do that with? - Mɛa men kunt ḥayeb tdir had c-ci?

Examples (to be done):

I thought we were supposed to be talking about what needs to be done. - Ana ɛembal-i nehhedṛu ɛla wac lazem yendar.

Examples (to do sth again):

Karima is gonna do it again. - Karima ṛayḥa tɛawed-ha.

Examples (to make sb do sth):

I made Farid do that. - Ǧɛelt Farid idir had c-ci.

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