Get, v, 1- (to receive), cedd, wṣel-(u).

2- (to have), ɛend-(u).

3- (to obtain), ḍebber.

4- (to arrive), wṣel, lḥeq.

5- (to buy), cra.

Get away, hṛeb.

Get away with (sth), ma tnegbeḍ-c.

Get back, wella.

Get in, (vehicle), ṭleɛ l-(keṛṛusa), rkeb f (keṛṛusa).

Get into, (vehicle), ṭleɛ l-(keṛṛusa), rkeb f (keṛṛusa).

Get off, (vehicle), ḥbeṭ, xreǧ.

Get out (from some place), xreǧ.

Get out (an object) ǧbed.

Examples (receive):

I got the message. - Weṣlet-ni l-bṛiyya.

Examples (get, arrive):

I got here on time. - Wṣelt l-hna f l-weqt.

Examples (get, buy):

Farid wanted to get a black van. - Farid kan ḥayeb yecri furgu kḥel.

I got you a gift. - Crit-lek kadu.

Examples (get, have):

I got another dog. - Ɛend-i kelb waḥed-uxer.

Examples (get, obtain):

Farid can get that for you. - Farid yeqder iḍebber-lek had c-ci.

Farid didn't get Karima's phone number. - Farid ma ḍebber-c n-numṛu taɛ tilifun taɛ Karima.

Examples (to get away):

You let them get away. - Xellit-hum yehheṛbu.

Examples (to get away with sth):

I got away with it. - Ma tnegbeḍt-c.

Examples (get back):

I got back at 4:30. - Wellit ɛel ṛ-ṛebɛa u neṣṣ.

I really need to get back on the road. - Lazem nwelli l-ṭ-ṭriq.

Examples (get in):

I got in the boat. - Ṭleɛt l-l-babuṛ.

Examples (get into):

Farid told Karima to get in the van. - Farid qal l-Karima teṭleɛ f l-furgu.

We got into the car. - Ṭleɛna l-l-keṛṛusa.

Examples (get off):

I got off the plane. - Ḥbeṭt men ṭ-ṭeyyara.

Examples (get out):

Farid got out his key and opened the door. - Farid ǧbed l-meftaḥ taɛ-u u fteḥ l-bab.

Examples (get out, from some place):

I got out of jail yesterday. -Xreǧt men l-ḥebs l-bareḥ.

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