Go, ṛaḥ.

I wasn't gone long. - Ma ṭewwelt-c.

Go along (a road), tebbeɛ.

Go away, ṛaḥ.

Go off (sth), xreǧ ɛla/ɛel (kac ḥaǧa).

Go out, xreǧ.


Farid advised Salima not to go out after dark by herself. - Farid nṣeḥ Salima u qal-lha ma texreǧ-c weḥd-ha ki iṭiḥ l-lil.

I didn't go alone. - Ma ṛeḥt-c weḥd-i.

I'm willing to go. - Ṛa-ni ḥayeb nṛuḥ.

You need to go away. - Lazem tṛuḥ.

Examples (to go along a road):

We went along the narrow road. - Tebbeɛna hadik ṭ-ṭriq l-mdeyyqa.

Examples (to go off):

The car went off the road due to snowfall covering the lane. - Xerǧet hadik l-keṛṛusa ɛel ṭ-ṭriq ɛla ǧal t-telǧ.

Examples (to go out):

I love going out. - Nḥebb nexreǧ.

I went out to eat. - Xreǧt nakul.

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