Job, (noun), 1- xedma (xedmat).

2- (task), cɣel (cɣalat).


Farid now has a job that pays well. - Farid ɛend-u, duṛk, xedma yexleṣ fi-ha mliḥ.

Farid told Karima he wanted to find a higher-paying job. - Farid qal l-Karima belli kan ḥayeb yelqa xedma yexleṣ fi-ha xir.

I've found a good job. - Lqit xedma mliḥa.

This job pays pretty well. - Had l-xedma fi-ha xlaṣ mliḥ.

Examples (task):

I got the job done. - Frit hadak c-cɣel.

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