Just, 1- beṛk.

2- To just do sth, hada win (dar kac ḥaǧa).

3 (simply), hakda beṛk.

4- (exactly), swaswa.


I just want a job. - Ḥebbit beṛk xedma.

I was just unlucky. - Kunt mexṣuṣ zheṛ beṛk.

Examples (exactly):

I'm just like Farid. - Ana kima Farid swaswa.

Examples (simply):

I can't just leave. - Ma neqder-c nṛuḥ hakda beṛk.

Examples (to just do sth):

She just went to the administration to get a check. - Hada win ṛaḥet l-l-idaṛa bac tǧib cak.

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