Let, 1- xelli.

2- Let's, ayya.

3- Let's not (do sth), xelli-na men (kac ḥaǧa); ḥebbsu-lna (kac ḥaǧa).


I'd advise you to let me go. - Ana nenṣeḥ-k txelli-ni nṛuḥ.

Examples (let's):

Let's go through it again. - Ayya nɛawdu neḍḍerbu ɛli-h ṭella. ~~~

Let's talk about Farid and what he's done. - Ayya nehhedṛu ɛla Farid u wac dar.

Examples (let's not do sth):

Let's not talk about Farid. - Xellu-na men l-hedṛa ɛla Farid.

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