Look, (verb), 1- caf.

2- (seem), ban.

3- Look after, a- thella f-(kac waḥed), kan qayem b-(kac waḥed).

b- (to watch), ɛess.

4- Look for, ḥewwes.

Examples (to seem):

He doesn't look his age. - Ma iban-c fi ɛmeṛ-u hakdak.

I think I look young. - Cekkit ana nban ṣɣir.

You're looking tired. - Ṛa-k tban ɛeyyan.

Examples (to look after):

Can you help Farid look after the place? - Teqder tɛawen Farid yethella f d-daṛ?

I look after Farid. - Ana lli ṛa-ni nethella f-Farid.

Examples (to look after, to watch):

Look after the children this afternoon. - Ɛess d-drari had l-ɛceyya.

You should look after the children from time to time. - Lazem tɛess d-drari meṛṛa ɛla meṛṛa.

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