Much, bezzaf.

So much, bezzaf.

Too much, bezzaf.


I didn't help much. - Ma ɛawent-c bezzaf.

I don't get paid much. - Ma nexleṣ-c bezzaf.

Examples (too much)

Farid knows he sometimes drinks too much. - Farid ɛlabal-u belli xeṭrat yecṛeb bezzaf.

Farid says I drink too much. - Farid qal belli ana necṛeb bezzaf.

Haven't you had too much to drink? - Ma ṛa-k-c caṛeb bezzaf?

I probably drink too much. - Bla cekk, ana necṛeb bezzaf.

One can drink too much, but one never drinks enough. - Yeqder l-waḥed yecṛeb bezzaf, beṣṣeḥ ma yeqder-c yecṛeb ḥetta yecbeɛ.

Recently, he's been drinking too much. - Wella yecṛeb bezzaf had l-wqat l-exxraniyyin.

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