Old, 1- (person), kbir (kbaṛ).

To be old enough (to do sth), lḥeq l-l-ɛmeṛ lli (yeqder idir fi-h ḥaǧa).

To get old, kber.

2- (thing), qdim (qdem).


I'm not really all that old. - Ana ma ṛa-ni-c kbir hakda gaɛ.

Examples (to be old enough to do sth):

Aren't you old enough to drink? - Mazal ma lḥeqt-c l-l-ɛmeṛ lli teqder tecṛeb fi-h?

Farid said he wasn't old enough to drink. - Farid qal belli mazal lḥeq-c l-l-ɛmeṛ lli yeqder yecṛeb fi-h.

Examples (to get old):

I'm getting older. - Ṛa-ni nekber.

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