1- Party, (noun), 1- ḥefla (ḥeflat).

Wedding party, ɛers (ɛras).

2- (political), paṛti (paṛtiyat).

2- Party, (verb), zha, itebbeɛ l-ḥeflat.

Examples (noun):

Farid didn't drink much at the party last night. - Farid ma cṛeb-c bezzaf f l-ḥefla taɛ l-bareḥ.

Farid tends to drink too much at parties. - Farid mwalef yecṛeb bezzaf f l-ḥeflat. ~

Farid wasn't the only one at the party who wasn't drinking. - Maci ɣir Farid lli ma kan-c yecṛeb f hadik l-ḥefla.

I didn't really want to leave the party early, but something came up. - Yeɛni ma kunt-c ḥayeb nxelli l-ḥefla bekri, beṣṣeḥ ṭaḥet sebba.

I'm a party animal. - Ana meḍrub ɛel l-ḥeflat.

Examples (verb):

Farid says I party too much. - Qal-li Farid belli ana ntebbeɛ bezzaf l-ḥeflat.

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