Preparation, (noun), tewǧad.

To make preparation for sth, weǧǧed ṛuḥ-u l-(kac ḥaǧa).

To make preparations for sth, weǧǧed ṛuḥ-u l-kac ḥaǧa, dar stiɛdadad l-(kac ḥaǧa).

Preparation is what's required. - Lazem l-waḥed iweǧǧed ṛuḥ-u.


Have you completed your preparations for tomorrow? - Kemmelt t-tewǧad l-ɣedwa?

Have you finished your preparations for the trip? - Kemmelt t-tewǧad l-hadik r-riḥla?

Preparations are in full swing. - T-tewǧad ṛa-hu yemci mya f s-saɛa.

Examples (to make preparation):

He is making preparations for a trip. - Ṛa-hu iweǧǧed ṛuḥ-u bac isafer.

She made elaborate preparations for the party. - Daret stiɛdadat kbaṛ l-hadik l-ḥefla.

They are making preparations for the trip. - Ṛa-hum iweǧǧdu f ṛwaḥti-hum bac isafru.

We all made preparation for the meeting. - Weǧǧedna gaɛ ṛuḥ-na l-l-ǧtimaɛ.

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