Really, 1- ṣeḥḥ.

2- (seriously), ṣeḥḥ, taɛ ṣ-ṣeḥḥ.


Are you really thinking about what's best for Farid? - Ṣeḥḥ ṛa-k txemmem ɛel c-ci l-mliḥ l-Farid?

Do you think Farid would really sing for us? - Ɛla ḥsab-k, Farid ṣeḥḥ ṛayeḥ iɣenni-lna?

I'm really strong. - Ana ṣeḥḥ ṣḥiḥ.

I got really angry. - Zɛeft taɛ ṣ-ṣeḥḥ.

I was really sick. - Ṣeḥḥ kunt mriḍ.

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