Road, (noun), a- ṭriq (ṭerqan).

b- To be on the road to, kan ṛayeḥ; kan fi ṭriq-u l-(kac meḍreb).

c- To hit the road, qelleɛ.

d- On the side of the road, ṭerf ṭ-ṭriq.


Keep your eyes on the road. - Xelli ɛini-k f ṭ-ṭriq.

They widened the road. - Ɛerrḍu ṭ-ṭriq.

Examples (to be on the road to):

Farid is on the road. - Farid kan f ṭ-ṭriq.

I was on the road to the town. - Kunt ṛayeḥ l-l-mdina.

Examples (to hit the road):

Can we hit the road, please? - Maɛlic nqellɛu?

Examples (on the side of the road):

Farid's minivan was found abandoned on the side of the road. - L-munuspas taɛ Farid lqaw-h mbunduni ṭerf ṭ-ṭriq.

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