Soon, 1- qrib.

2- (in the past), ma ṭewwel-c.

3- To do sth soon, ma ṭewwel-c.

4- As soon as possible, l-weqt lli yeqder.

5-Sooner, (earlier), men qbel.


I'll arrive soon. - Qrib newṣel.

Examples (as soon as possible):

Farid advised Karima to leave as soon as possible. - Farid nṣeḥ Karima bac tṛuḥ l-weqt lli qedret.

Examples (in the past):

I soon fell asleep. - Ma ṭewwelt-c rqedt.

Examples (sooner):

I should've left sooner. - Kan lazem nṛuḥ men qbel.

Examples (to do sth soon):

Farid can go home soon. - Farid ma iṭewwel-c iwelli yeqder iṛuḥ l-d-daṛ.

I may be back soon. - Balak ma nṭewwel-c nwelli.

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