Start, (verb), a- bda.

b- To start over, ɛawed bda men l-ewwel.


His mother got up much earlier than usual and started cooking as early as 8am. - Yemma-h naḍet qbel l-weqt lli mwalfa tnuḍ fi-h u bdan ṭ-ṭyab ɛel t-menya taɛ ṣ-ṣbaḥ.

It's just started raining. - Hada win bdat tṣebb c-cta.

Examples (to start over):

I think we'd better start over again. - Cekkit lukan nɛawdu men l-ewwel xir.

We have to start all over again. - Lazem nɛawdu nebdaw kullec men l-ewwel.

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