Tell, (verb), 1- (to say), qal.

2- (story), ḥka.

3- (to inform), (about), xebber (ɛla).

4- (to talk), hdeṛ.

Examples (to say):

I could've told Farid that, but I didn't. - Kunt qader nqul had c-ci l-Farid, beṣṣeḥ ma qult-lu-c.

I told Farid a secret. - Qult waḥed s-serr l-Farid.

**Examples (to inform):

Farid never told Karima about it. - Farid ɛmeṛ-u ma xebber Karima ɛla had c-ci.

Examples (story):

I told Farid a joke. - Ḥkit nukta l-Farid.

Examples (to talk):

Tell me about your life, work and hobbies. - Hdeṛ-li ɛla ḥyat-k, xedmet-k u l-hwayat tawɛ-k.

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