Turn, (verb), To turn off, (device), ṭeffa.

To turn around, daṛ.

To turn on, (appliance), ceɛɛel.

To turn oneself in, sellem ṛuḥ-u.

To turn (sb) against (sb else), necceɛ (kac waḥed) ɛla (kac waḥed).

To turn (sth) up, zad ṣ-ṣut l-(kac ḥaǧa).

Examples (to turn off):

I turned off the TV. - Ṭeffit t-tilivizyu.


I turned the TV on. - Ceɛɛelt t-tilivizyu.

Examples (turn around):

If you turn around, I'll fasten your dress for you. - Lukan tduṛi, nerbeṭ-lek l-ṛubba taɛ-k.

You can turn around now. - Teqder tduṛ duṛk.

Examples (turn oneself in):

I turned myself in. - Sellemt ṛuḥ-i.

Examples (turn sb against sb else):

Karima tried to turn Farid against his daughter from a previous marriage. - Karima seyyat tnecceɛ Farid ɛla bent-u lli ǧab-ha mɛa l-mṛa taɛ-u l-qdima.

Examples (turn up):

I turned up the TV. - Zedt-lha ṣ-ṣut l-t-tilivizyu.

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