Use, (verb), 1- steɛmel.

2- Used to, (to indicate a habitual practise, a former state), kan.

3- (road), ǧaz (men kac ṭriq), steɛmel (kac ṭriq).


I can't use this. - Ma neqder-c nesteɛmel had c-ci.

Examples (used to):

I used to be a coal miner. - Kunt nexdem f l-mina taɛ l-fḥem.

Examples (road):

How often do you use toll roads? - Cḥal testeɛmel ṭ-ṭerqan taɛ l-xlaṣ?

Is there any easy way to get there without using a toll road? - Kayna ṭriq waḥed-uxra sahla bac newweṣlu l-l-tem bla ma nǧuzu ɛel ṭ-tṛiq taɛ l-xlaṣ.

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