Village, (noun), decṛa (dcuṛ).


Everybody in the village knew him. - Gaɛ n-nas kanu yeɛɛeṛfu-h f d-decṛa.

I live in a small fishing village. - Ana nesken f decṛa ṣɣira taɛ ṣ-ṣeyyadin.

It's a quaint old village. - Hadi decṛa qdima. ~

It seemed that there was no one in the village. - Ban kelli ma kan ḥetta waḥed f d-decṛa.

It will mean a lot for the village. - Had c-ci ṛa-hu ṛayeḥ yeɛni bezzaf l-ṣḥab d-decṛa.

Nobody ever comes to see us in this out-of-the-way village. - Waḥed ma iǧi izuṛ-na f had d-decṛa l-meɛzula.

She was born in a remote village in Nepal. - Hiya zadet f waḥed d-decṛa bɛida f n-Nipal.

The car broke down in some remote village. - Ṭ-ṭunubil txessret f waḥed d-decṛa bɛida.

The news soon spread all over the village. - Temtem mca l-xber f d-decṛa.

The soldiers surrounded the village. - L-ɛeskeṛ daṛu b-hadik d-decṛa.

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