With, mɛa.


Farid said he didn't want to go drinking with us. - Farid qal belli ma ḥebb-c iṛuḥ yecṛeb mɛa-na.

I don't think Farid will want to go drinking with us. - Ma cekkit-c Farid iḥebb yecṛeb mɛa-na.

I want you to go with her. - Ḥebbit-k tṛuḥ mɛa-ha.

I went to the beach last weekend with Farid. - L-wikand lli fat, ṛeḥt l-c-ceṭṭ mɛa Farid.

You're the woman I wanna be with. - Nti hiya l-mṛa lli ṛa-ni ḥayeb nkun mɛa-ha.

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