Worry, (verb), 1- (to make anxious, troubled), a- qelleq.

b- To be worried, tqelleq.

2- (to care about), a- htemm, xemmem.

b- Not to worry about (sb, sth), ma ɛlabal-u-c b-(kac waḥed/kac ḥaǧa).

3- (to be afraid), xaf, kan xayef.


I started to worry. - Bdit netqelleq.

There's nothing to be worried about. - Makanc ḥetta ḥaǧa yetqelleq ɛli-ha l-waḥed.

Examples (to care about):

I'd like to be rich and not have to worry about money. - Ḥebbit nwelli mreffeh u ma nxemmem-c ɛel d-dṛahem.

Examples (to be concerned about):

I can't worry just about you. - Ma neqder-c nehtemm ɣir bi-k.

Examples (not to worry about):

I don't worry about Farid. - Ana ma ɛlabal-i-c b-Farid.

Examples (to be afraid):

He is worried about losing his job. - Kan xayef yexser l-xedma taɛ-u.

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