Wrong, (adj.), 1- (not correct), a- ɣaleṭ (ɣalṭin).

b-To be wrong, ɣleṭ, kan ɣaleṭ.

c-To have it wrong/To get it all wrong. kan ɣaleṭ fi ḥsab-u.

d-There is nothing wrong (doing sth), maci ɛib (idir l-waḥed kac ḥaǧa).

2- (unfair), ḍalem (ḍalmin).

Wrong, (verb), ḍlem.

Examples (adj.):

I had it all wrong. - Kunt ɣaleṭ fi ḥsab-i men ṭ-ṭerf l-ṭ-ṭerf.

I may not be wrong. - Balak ma ṛa-ni-c ɣaleṭ.

I was quite wrong. - Kunt ɣaleṭ b-l-bezzaf.

Examples (verb):

He accused us of wronging him. - Tthem-na belli ḍlemna-h.

Examples (there is nothing wrong):

There's nothing wrong with admitting that you're afraid. - Maci ɛib testeɛṛef belli ṛa-k xayef.

Examples (to be wrong):

You're wrong again. - Ṛa-k zedt ɣleṭt.

Examples (unfair):

Farid had to admit that he was wrong. - Farid tḥettmet ɛli-h yesteɛṛef belli kan ḍalem.

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